Support the Sudan Democratic Transition Act

I am writing to urge you to please cosponsor House Resolution 6094, The Sudan Democratic Transition, Accountability, and Financial Transparency Act of 2020.

This bipartisan legislation authorizes assistance for the civilian-led democratic transition, promotes accountability for human-rights abuses, and encourages fiscal transparency in Sudan.

In April of 2019, the people of Sudan have made history, after thirty years of struggle under a brutal dictatorship, they prevailed in overthrowing al-Bashir and his corrupt cronies. In July of the same year, the House passed Resolution 432, making it clear that the US supports the democratic aspirations of the Sudanese people and condemning the atrocities by the transitional military council.

The civilian-led transitional government of Sudan is unable to deal with international lenders and donors because of the continued listing of the country as a State Sponsor of Terrorism. It is completely unfair to make the people of Sudan, who are the victims, pay for crimes committed by a regime they toppled. Without international support for the civilian leadership, the transitional government could fail and the country could revert to a military dictatorship.

As your constituent, I respectfully ask that you cosponsor HR 6094, and help to improve U.S. policy toward Sudan and ensure that our great country continues to play an indispensable leadership role on the world stage.

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