After almost four months of peaceful protests culminating in staging a sit-in at army headquarters, the Sudanese people succeeded in removing Bashir’s regime from power on April 11, 2019. The security council of Bashir took over, renamed themselves the Transitional Military Council [TMC] and promised to hand over power to civilians. However, it was abundantly clear that members of the TMC intended to keep power at least to escape accountability for genocide and crimes against humanity in Darfur and other parts of Sudan which they perpetuated themselves as individuals. Moreover, some members of the TMC, namely Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo (aka ‘Hemeti’), the leader of Janjaweed militia now named Rapid Support Forces [RSF], are running massive operations of gold mining, money laundering, drug and gold smuggling, with help of the Russian oligarchs and Wagner paramilitary operatives. The RSF under the command of Hemeti are the main force behind the recent military coup in Sudan and are using brute force, including live fire, to disperse unarmed pro-democracy protesters. Since October 25, 2021, at least 41 young protesters were killed and hundreds were severely wounded. The Sudanese police vehemently denied using live ammunition which confirms that RSF are responsible for these ongoing crimes.

The agreement signed by General Burhan and Prime Minister Hamdok on November 21, 2021 is viewed by many as another ploy by Burhan and Hemeti to escape the immense pressure from the US and the world.
We urge you to support the Sudan Democracy Act as it addresses the root causes and dismantle the forces that impede democratic transition in Sudan. By mandating targeted sanctions against individual actors or entities, the Act avoids harming Sudan’s fragile economy that the US is helping to rebuild.

We implore you to join Senator Coons in standing by the courageous people of Sudan who were at the forefront of the peaceful revolution and help sanction those who undermine democracy, peace, & human rights in Sudan.