Please SUPPORT S386, (Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act). The bill which treats us EQUAL and gives JUSTICE to all. Please discuss with Senator Mike Lee and find the solution instead of opposing it. Every day, the entire Green Card Backlog community is suffering because of factors such as kids aging out. Many are spending crucial years of their professional and personal lives in a state of uncertainty and instability.

While there are numerous issues that constantly hound those in the long line to Green Card, here are a few of them which affects health at much early age:

Issue #1: FEAR of the kids turning 21: Kids born in India and currently on H4 visa live in a state of FEAR. On their 21st birthday, they MUST change visa status or self-deport from the U.S. – the country they have known as home since they were young. These Legal dreamers cannot earn any internship or earn a single dollar. They cannot enroll themselves in the field of studies of their own choice. Today these Legal Dreamers focus more on immigration than studies. The reason why these youngsters are in a state of anxiety is because their parents are stuck in a green card backlog. One of the major milestone in the lives of this kids can herald is family separation. Trust me, they don't celebrate their 21st birthday instead that day SCARES the entire family big time.

Issue #2: FEAR of Losing everything earned in lifetime: Legal-immigrants who arrived in the U.S. decades ago are now facing visa denials. Most of these individuals were selected based on their high merits and great skills. It is no secret that Indian Green Card Backlog community legally arrived in USA with or without their families and were instrumental in building Silicon Valley with their technical expertise. Many helped the United States constantly advance in terms of technology, scientific researches, medicinal breakthroughs and in fields of future such as - Artificial Intelligence. These individuals have already undergone stringent personal and professional background checks and got their visa approved to live and work in the country decades ago. They arrived legally and are law-abiding and amongst the highest and diligent taxpayers in the U.S. This community is peacefully waiting for Green Card and calls America as their HOME too. Despite living in America for years and having stable jobs, the uncertain maintenance visa status leads to FEAR, stress and emotional as well as health based issues. Recently, there have been alarming reports of early and sudden deaths.

Issue #3: FEAR of losing EAD card for H4 visa Spouses: Certain category H4 visa spouses who have employment authorization card [EAD] are either employed or are running their own business and are paying taxes.Ever since H4-EAD rule was approved in 2015, many of these individuals have made great strides in their career or have created employment for many locals through their entrepreneurship. either employed or are running their own business. But currently as H4EAD cards are not issued or renewed on time [processing time being 3-8 months] these employed H4-EAD communities are getting terminated from their jobs due to work permit expiration. At the same time, they also constantly live with the threat of their H4-EAD card rule getting revoked or cancelled anytime soon. H4-EAD holders are mentioned in the Federal Registry as a minority community and it does not affect US-labor market at all.

Issue #4: FEAR to visit Home country in emergency or during moments of joy: In case H1B/H4 passport visa stamping/Consular Processing is needed nowadays its being delayed for months due to non-available, US embassy Visa appointments dates and/or if the case goes into Administrative processing i.e. 221G slips are issued, then it’s a never-ending wait-time for the process. Many professionals living and working legally cannot even travel for any family or self-emergencies issues or even at the time of an unfortunate circumstance like death in family -- all due to the FEAR of not being able to return back home in USA. At times crossing borders of USA is leading to selling HOME and assets here in USA, which is frustrating and unfortunate.

Issue #5: FEAR of Losing Driving License during work visa extension: If the DMV driving license expires during the visa extension periods, they are not renewed/issued, if H1B workers case is under pending process with USCIS. This situation can have a deep impact on daily schedule and affect day to day activities like commuting to job, dropping kids to school during bad weather or weekly grocery runs. These little things can turn life upside down and it becomes very difficult to explain immigration-borne problems to innocent kids.

Issue #6: Fear of death being in GCBacklog: H-4 status terminates once the husband (H-1B visa holder) dies since the H-4 status is dependent on the spouse being in H-1B status. In theory, the spouse and child must leave immediately. This is so unfair to taxpaying and law-abiding legal immigrant community.

I hope the government of the United States of America will fix the broken U.S. immigration system. Most of those in the green card backlog are high skilled talented individuals contributing immensely to the country’s economy. Currently despite spending decades in the U.S. their future stability is in jeopardy with increased level of depression.

As a resident of the worlds’ best country, I do wish to make a small but much needed request -- to consider the grave problems faced by the Indians in green card backlogs. I urge that you all to SUPPORT S386, a bill which ends FEAR for the Legal immigrants. These legal immigrants would have been VOTERS today if the country-limit quota did not exist and the outdated GC laws in practice currently, treated every individual on the merit of their talent and not based on their country of birth.

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