Support Pennies Per Pound Energy Stamp and Tax Program

Support Pennies Per Pound Energy Stamp and Tax Program to create jobs, rescue our economy and save our planet.

Enacting a Pennies Per Pound (PPP) CO2 Tax & Stamp Program on fossil fuels would create green jobs, raise revenues, decrease dependence on foreign oil, lower the nation?s debt and lead to a healthier planet with lower healthcare costs.

Phasing in an energy tax that starts at 1¢/lb of CO2 and increases to 10¢/lb over ten years will generate significant revenue and create demand for new technologies to reduce energy consumption. This demand will in turn result in the creation of thousands of new jobs across multiple sectors, including home improvement and research and development. As consumers and industry use less energy through efficiency improvements and conservation, overall demand will decrease, reducing both our energy imports and the trade deficit.

Even at the lowest proposed rate of a penny per pound, this energy tax will generate over $126 billion in revenues for the federal government (based on US Energy Consumption from 2009 ), and produce significant demand for green jobs across America. Any increase in the cost of living or operations will present a challenge, particularly in tough economic times, but with the following approaches, the impact of the change can be mitigated. An Energy Stamp program would need to be implemented to mitigate the regressive nature of a consumption based tax. The program would be completely funded by the revenue generated by the Pennies Per Pound Tax. A debit card based solution similar to the current food stamps (SNAP) would still encourage energy efficiency and conservation while not unfairly burdening those already struggling.

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Please work with your fellow congressional leaders and senators to introduce and pass legislation enacting Pennies Per Pound Stamp and Tax Program.