Support our Roma Brothers and Sisters abroad !

Roma people need our help !

Through out Europe and the world Roma (Gypsy ) people are under constant attack. They are stereotyped, made fun of , treated unfairly in housing , jobs , health care and many of the things that we as Americans take for granted as mandatory for living they have denied to them. We have got to stand up and say we can not and will not tolerate seeing anyone being treated in this manner ! I ask that you do everything in this governments power to help these people and create an awareness to these issues. Roma people have a rich and beautiful culture and because of the way they are treated many no longer even accept and embrace thier heritage . They hang thier heads even here in the states claiming to be Native American over Roma due to stereotypes and unwaranted hatred . We have got to change this . No one, no race, no religion, deserves this treatment. Give them back thier dignity and respect .Let them know we are here ,we do care , and will support them in thier fight for the rights they deserve as human beings. Allow them to hold thier heads high and say "I AM ROMA' .