Support the Death Penalty for Child Killers!

Please sign if you would support a Death Peanlty Imposed for Convicted Child Killers!!

In the wake of yet another innocent child being killed, Sandra Cantu, 8 years old, from Tracy, California, we would like to ask Congress & President Obama to make it a FEDERAL OFFENSE TO RAPE & MURDER A CHILD UNDER THE AGE OF 17. We (AMERICANS & PARENTS) are tired of hearing about Innocent children being victimized & murdered & then the killer gets a life sentence of 3 meals a day & endless television. Almost always, there is DNA evidence linking the killer to the crime, if there IS, & that person is Convicted of murder, then we ask to have the Death Penalty Imposed upon Conviction. We don't want these people walking our streets, SO WHY SHOULD OUR TAX DOLLARS PAY TO HOUSE & FEED THEM FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES? Please accept these signatures & make it a Bill and we would like to name it "SANDRA'S LAW" IN honor of Sandra Cantu. God bless America & God Bless Sandra Cantu & her family.