Support the KOMBUCHA Act to protect consumer access to authentic Kombucha

As your constituent and a fan of kombucha, I respectfully request that you co-sponsor the bipartisan KOMBUCHA Act (H.R.2124/S.892).

Kombucha is a traditionally fermented food. All fermented foods and drinks contain naturally occurring alcohol that acts as a preservative to prevent pathogens and is medicinal to allow easier absorption of nutrients.

Kombucha leaves the facility at 0.5% ABV or lower, yet due to its living nature, just like fruit juice, the alcohol level can rise slightly. Consumers purchase kombucha because it is a health beverage, not for the alcohol content.

The KOMBUCHA Act (Keeping Our Manufacturers from Being Unfairly taxed while Championing Health Act) will raise the threshold for taxation as an alcoholic beverage from 0.5% ABV to 1.25% ABV. This will afford small family businesses breathing room so they can feel confident that their products will not be subject to excise taxes intended for beer. It will also ensure that consumers have access to the kombucha they love without having to search the beer aisle for a health beverage.

Please consider co-sponsoring this legislation so that the kombucha industry can continue to grow and thrive while helping those who need these beverages most, thirsty consumers who enjoy the flavor and health benefits of this tangy, fermented tea.