Suport families living with Autism

I am reaching out to you in hopes that you will please take in consideration that Autism is rising in number by the day. We have many families here in Rutherford County N,C that are raising Children with no means of help, that are Autistic. I have seen first hand at what a tole it takes on a family, especially a single mother, which has no access to any help without traveling 30 to 40 miles and is denied medicaid to pay for these visits and medications when only drawing disability. These parents are in need of time for there self due to the constant battle of this stressful living situation. It is a battle to raise a mentally and physically well child but please take into consideration the toll it takes on someone who has to sit in the house 24/7 with an Autistic child due to having no help what so ever. So, I ask that you will please consider some type of support for this situation. Help us to bring Autism families some relief. I thank you for your time. God bless. Beverly Lewis