Sullivan County NY Corrupt CPS..Unfair Removal Of Children & Perjury

May 17 2019 my 2 girls was removed from me because I was homeless as they put it
I went to social servcies. That day for emergency help with being placed some where for me and my kids they removed both from my care didnt serve me court papers til 4 days later!! Lied and said i didnt want help with housing However that was not the truth. I most certainly did i saved text from me to one of the CPS workers approx 2 months prior to me being evicted asking , for immediate help with rent owed to landlord.. I got told numerous times that it was not an Emergency until me and my kids was told by the Sheriffs to remove our selves from home n property !! After Just that had Happen I went to Social Servcies in Liberty NY and asked for help once again !! Instead though that day I got no help and criticized , judged , Smart remarks..and put down in front of my kids and then the worse MY KIDS REMOVED !!

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