Students suffer daily from too much homework

Everyday students like me are given large amounts of homework, that we are expected to before the next day of school. Then if we dint Finnish our homework we are thought of as lazy and are given bad grades for not finnishing our assignments. Will we ever get a break. Teachers say that they are just preparing us for adulthood but adults are able to have a work life and a home life. They are not always workers they are also parents,friends, and family. Us as students dont get that we come home and we are still students. We never get a break. We spend at least seven to eight hours at school then we come home and have to spend a couple more hours on homework. Were kids we want to have fun and spend times with our families but it's really hard to do that when we come home and have to do these horrible large amounts of work. I'm not lazy and I'm a good student but this is just too much for me. Other countries have stopped giving their students homework and they have some of the best performing students. So I think its time to stop homework and let our students get a a break to be free from the constraints of school.
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