Stricter Animal Cruelty Laws Needed

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As the American Humane Association once quoted, "Animal cruelty problems are people problems. When animals are abused, people are at risk."

If abusing an animal isn't bad enough, it has been noticed the horrifying connections it has with domestic abuse and influencing a child's development.

The current animal cruelty laws should be made stricter and enforced with harsher consequences. Once an individual is convicted of physically abusing an animal, they should be prohibited from owning a pet forever, not just for a few months or a few years. Children who are responsible for animal abuse should be required to regularly see a psychiatrist so they can learn to handle their problems in a non aggressive manner and so they can properly understand why what they did was wrong and grow to be an empathetic adult. And as for adults that are fully conscious of their actions, they should be charged larger fines and longer imprisonment terms to really discourage abusive behavior before it affects more than just animals.

Really consider what is at stake. There are seriously no disadvantages to creating stricter animal abuse laws. Everyone, not just animals and animal lovers, will see the many benefits to making these changes.

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2 days ago
Chance T. from Leesville, LA writes:
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I am so tired of seeing animal cruelty and no one paying for the evil deeds they commit this is crazy to me that no one cares we need stricter animal rights laws and offenders of cruelty need to be banned from ever owning another animal regardless
Apr 16th, 2017
Someone from Nixa, MO writes:
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STAND up and be heard! Call your congressman, Rally, form groups make your voice HEARD !! I am sick of theses passive laws with no punchment of these SICK individuals who cause pain, suffering and tourture to these beautiful animals who get away with THIS ! It has to stop !!! FLOOD your STATE senators voice mail, email state capital, call and make your voice be heard!! STRICTER LAWS have to implemented NOW!!! SOMETHING has to be done, for the love of GOD we need help!! WE ARE THEIR ONLY VOICE! ENUFF is ENUFF !!!!
Apr 9th, 2017
Seeking Harsh Penalties F. from Mc Donald, PA writes:
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The internet has made it all too available to see people being unbelievably cruel to animals all for "fun", I am talking about the torture of animals. The lengths people will go to...the planning, the setting up to make a video of it, the thought it took for them to come up with the cruelest way to torture an animal. The laws are NOT NEAR harsh enough for these people! It's one thing to out right kill an animal quickly, but to torture it?!?! I don't care what their 'mental issues' are, 99.99% of the time that's a cop-out and that's a fact, these people enjoy torturing the helpless and defenseless. There is NO excuse for it. The videos of people doing these things are only 'the tip of the iceberg, most people don't make a video of it they do it for the shear enjoyment, their personal pleasure. I have seen videos, more than I have ever wanted to know existed. I have heard people talking in public places of torturing animals and laughing about it. Talking about "new ideas" of what animal will be next and what they have thought up to do to it so it doesn't die too quickly and they can prolong the animals pain and suffering as long as they the person can enjoy it. Calling people like that 'sick' is the nicest way to put it and that one word is used in the legal sense to get that person a slap on wrist at best, and all that does is free them up to torture more animals and in their eyes, give them MORE reason to do it. As I have said, killing an animal is one thing TORTURE is another and the laws need to account for that! They can find animals anywhere. "Free pet to good home" ads are these sicko's favorite places to get their victims. These people torture so many animals they're not about to pay for them and when/if they do they go 'all out' as if paying for the animal gives them the right to "up" the torture because it cost them money so that animal deserves the worst torture the person can come up with. Catching animals is another way these sicko's get victims. Live traps are used, bait is also to lure and catch stray cats, dogs, mice, rats or even to befriend the animal, especially if they live near anyone who has pets, like a neighbor and that animal gets used to them. Torturing a neighbors or family members pet gives them an extra 'high'. When they see the person wondering what happened to their beloved pet and missing it, it gives the sicko even more pleasure "knowing something they don't", it makes them want to do it even more, an extra thrill to torture someone who they know personally pets. People like these deserve an eye for an eye. Unfortunately around the world animal torture is seen as just a step above jay walking.
Apr 6th, 2017
Jess P. from Saco, ME writes:
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Humans have taken over the world. I live in rural Maine and when I watch the local news these days I am hearing more and more stories of animal abuse and neglect. Unfortunately the stories all end up stating that charges "may" be filed and that their will be a small fine. A small fine for abusing a LIFE? These animals feel pain just as you and I do, but the only difference is that I have the ability to step out of an abusive situation. Animals are helpless and are at the mercy of their caretakers...or abusers. We need to instill much harsher penalties for harming a creature that has a life. These animals live in fear and pain everyday and we just look the other way because we are so busy taking care of humans. I am sick everyday over this. If the government treats animal abuse cases as if they are not important, then guess what, people will keep abusing animals because there is no consequence to speak of. This has got to stop.
Apr 3rd, 2017
Gray D. from Plano, TX writes:
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I'm sick and tired of seeing animals tortured and killed in the most brutal ways possible! I'm taking a stand, and I will not stay silent or still anymore!
Apr 2nd, 2017
DAN L. from Virginia Beach, VA writes:
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Mar 31st, 2017
Judy D. from Susquehanna, PA writes:
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"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Mahatma Ghandi
Mar 31st, 2017
Barnypok y. from Dover, TN writes:
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Mar 30th, 2017
Kristin N. from Houston, TX writes:
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Abusing any creature is wrong. People need to be held accountable for their cruel actions. We need stricter animal abuse laws that will be enforced!
Mar 22nd, 2017
Brenda C. from Paterson, NJ writes:
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My heart breaks every time I read or hear about horrible cases regarding animal abuse they are so innocent just like children, I know that this comparison is not the greatest but my point of view is that if an evil person can hurt an innocent animal,this criminals can also hurt easily innocent children as well,hopefully stricter laws will help put an end to this horrible crime.