STOP/END BSL (Breed Specific Legislation)


Breed Specific Legislation(BSL):


What is BSL?

Breed specific legislation(BSL) is designed to place restrictions on ownership of certain breeds of dogs.

A breed ban usually requires that all dogs of a certain appearance (targeted breed) be removed from the county, city, state, or Province.

Breed-specific restrictions may require an owner of the said targeted breed do any of the following or all.

1.Purchase liability insurance ranging from $100,000-$500,000

2.Muzzle the dog of said breed while in public

2.Mandatory Spay or neuter the breed in question

3.The breed in question may not leave the owners premises

4.The dog must be contained in a kennel with specific requirements (6' high chain link walls, a lid, and concrete floors)

5.Place signs on the outside of the residence where the dog lives with vicious dog on them

6.Make the dog wear a vicious dog tag or other identifying marker

7.Some county municipals require you to buy a special license for each dog ranging from $100-$200 per year


Why BSL doesn't work?

Breed Specific Legislation is the campaigns to ban dog owners from owning a certain breed of dog deemed dangerous. And it doesn't work. By making these dogs illegal you make them more desirable to criminals and people who want to own the breed for the wrong reasons. This leads to terrible breeding practices which can lead to temperament and health problems and in turn only support the stereotypical version of the breed.

A more effective way to deal with a dog breed deemed to be aggressive would be to use the energy put into Breed Specific Legislation campaigns and redirect that energy into campaigns to enforce ethical breeding practices. Dogs bred from backyard breeders or puppy mills or from other illegal activity, are much more likely to have behavior problems due to poor genetics. Responsible breeders take great care to select and breed only the dogs with the most sound temperaments and sturdy structures. Puppy mills and backyard breeding only furthers the bad genes.

BSL is ineffective. It will not solve the problem. It will only make the banned breeds more attractive to the people who should not have them. An make it where the people who deserve to own them unable to.


Who does BSL effect?

It is my belief that BSL affects all the good pet owners the ones of us who are doing right by the breed an being responsible pet owners. When I hear the phrase BSL it makes mad it is the same as being racist, And deeming a breed in it self as bad is wrong people only tend to focus on the bad certain BSL breeds have done.....Most people think only the bully breeds are in this category but they are wrong many popular family dogs fall into this category an mor

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Public Comments (9,609)
May 1st, 2019
ANNE F. from Spring Valley, CA writes:
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Apr 24th, 2019
Darlene W. from Mount Clemens, MI writes:
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I have a Staffordshire Terrier (pit bull). She is the sweetest dog ever. I have fostered pit bulls and never had any issues with any of them. Like any other dog, they need to be treated with respect and love. If they are mistreated they will not trust and need time to learn trust. Unfortunately, this breed is misused and mistreated. I say ban bad owners not good dogs that are treated horribly! They are victims and should be treats as such!
Apr 24th, 2019
Mary D. from Mulberry, FL writes:
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Do your research--BSL doesn't work!
Oct 24th, 2018
Billy E. from Bay City, MI writes:
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I have a nine year old American Staffordshire Terrier her name is Ling Ling and she is one of the most beautiful, caring, loyal, and obedient dogs that I have ever seen she loves people and I could never even imagine her harming any human beings or animals that being said she literally the best friend I have ever had and my mother used to dislike pitbulls very much and now she calls my girl her granddog lol
Oct 7th, 2018
Marni M. from Yellville, AR writes:
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In the 70's, 80's and 90's the German Shepherd, the Rottweiler and the Doberman were considered dangerous dogs. Pit bulls were around then, but they were not deemed as dangerous. Studies show that pit bulls have one of the best temperament of most dog breeds. They have powerful jaws just as the German sheperd, Rottie, doberman, labs, boxers..etc....have. They are demonized only because "humans" trained some, starved them, beat them so they would fight another dog. It is only 1% of these dogs that fight and do it well, the rest do it because they are forced to. The dogs who are pets, are not naturally aggressive either. There are circumstances and situations where any dog can attack another or a human. I was attacked by a sheltie years ago. He chomped on my hand so I had little bite marks all over, but I wasn't afraid of dogs after that because I learned quickly to be wise in approaching dogs. Dogs must not be judged as aggressive just because the same breed is used in dog fighting. Stop the breeders! stop the dog fighting rings. All but two of the M. Vicks dogs went to homes where they became part of a family with other dogs and kids. They lived out their lives happy and peaceful. we always talk about not judging others by association. This goes for pit bulls also.
Sep 22nd, 2018
Maureen W. from Charleston, WV writes:
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Pit Bulls are very loving loyal.dogs It's all in the way and environment they are raised There is a small breed dog close to me owned by known durg dealers I am afraid to pet Tried to love in the dog grits those teeth up at me and growls BSL will encourage criminals to seek these dogs out Really ignorance _ bsl
Apr 12th, 2018
Paige G. from Seattle, WA writes:
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I too was afraid of "pitbulls" until my brother and his wife started fostering them many years ago after they had their two daughters and had too many of their own dogs and cats to take on any more fosters. It's not the breed, it's the humans who raise the dogs who determine their temperament. And even abused pitbulls can be salvaged and rehabilitated! Pitties are among the best dogs in the world.
Apr 12th, 2018
Mary E. from Leavenworth, WA writes:
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My bulldog was not allowed to my sons football game in Omak Wa because the officer said he was “one of those dogs”! Dozer was the sweetest dog ever and loved by all that met him. Small children loved him for his big head and smiley face!
Apr 12th, 2018
Colleen H. from Edgewood, MD writes:
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It's not the breed, it is the owner and the environment in which the animal lives. I had two American Staffordshire Terriors, also known as Pit Bulls, and they could not be any more loving, silly, goofy and did I say Loving? End BSL now!
Apr 12th, 2018
Marlena L. from Lancaster, CA writes:
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I agree that the difficulty lies with the owners not the dogs. I do not own a pit bull but some friends of mine have the sweetest dog you can imagine and she is a pit bull.

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