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To Whom it May Concern,

When was the last time you conducted business in the "real" world? It appears it has been a very long time since you have! I don't know about you, but U.S. citizens have to show a valid state issued I.D. or driver's license for many things that they do. A few examples of when we are REQUIRED to show I.D are as follows: to cash a check, to board a plane, to buy items such as cold medicine, cigarettes and alcohol, to watch a movie with a rating above PG13, to get into a concert, to buy spray paint, to use a debit/credit card, to apply for food stamps, welfare, and housing assistance, etc. The list goes on and on. Can you see the wide variety of activities that require an I.D.?

You say that requiring I.D. to vote is "racist? will disenfranchise certain ethnic groups from voting, and many other ridiculous "reasons". Does this mean that when I am asked for I.D. to do any of the above activities, that I'm experiencing "racism" and disenfranchisement? According to your "reasons", I am being subjected to "racism" and disenfranchisement!

The vast majority of people do not mind having to prove who they are or how old they are. It gives them a sense of security that their identity and age are being verified. Why would this be any different when someone votes? We're told that voter fraud is virtually nonexistent. If that were the case why are there reports of voter fraud during every election? Why is there video evidence and audio evidence of fraud occurring, whether it is during registering to vote or at the voting place itself? We've all heard the reports of people voting that have been dead for years. We've all heard the reports of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, etc., signing petitions and being registered to vote.

Studies have shown that when I.D. is required to vote, the amount of people voting actually goes up, especially in those "disenfranchised" ethnic groups. Could this possibly be that these people now have confidence in the voting process and that their vote will actually mean something? Could it be that by verifying identity, these people feel the voting process has more integrity and honesty?

Those that rage against I.D. to vote, continue to use divisive language, hoping to keep any racial tension high. They claim it is a "poll tax". How can there be a "poll tax" when states are offering to provide I.D. for no cost to those that can't afford one? The American people can see through the half-truths and outright lies being spread about voter I.D. laws. They know the biggest reason that some politicians do not want I.D. laws, is that there is enough fraud in the voting process that they continue to hold office; therefore, they prove that having a position of power is more important than honesty, integrity and the real will of the people.

Now the NAACP wants the UN human rights group to "investigate" voting practices in our country. Since when does the UN, NATO or any other organization or coalition of other nations have any say in the laws our sovereign nation? This would be laughable considering the countries in the human rights group and their respective records regarding human rights in their own countries if it weren't for the fact that the NAACP wants to usurp US law with UN law. This shows just how desperate those that do not want honesty and integrity in our election practices will go to allow voting fraud to continue in our country!

Shame on all politicians that do not fight for honest elections. Shame on all politicians that would rather remain in power than to allow integrity in the election process. Shame on all politicians that would also allow the UN to have any say or influence in any aspect or law of our sovereign nation.

Be advised, the American people see the lies and deceptions being used regarding voter I.D. laws and find it despicable and disgusting. Be advised, voter fraud may have kept you in power so far, but one day soon, you will find yourself not only "unemployed" but despised as well.

A concerned citizen,

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Mar 16th, 2017
Someone from Greensboro, NC writes:
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Stop voter fraud! Stop the illegals from voting and have all states clean up their rolls!
Mar 3rd, 2017
Someone from New Rochelle, NY writes:
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There needs to be some form of proof for the person casting a ballot in an election. There is nothing wrong with having to show a government ID to prove you are the person voting.
Feb 19th, 2017
Someone from Cotati, CA signed.
Feb 1st, 2017
Someone from New York, NY signed.
Feb 1st, 2017
E J. from New York, NY writes:
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Let's investigate this once and for all! In addition, some other countries require photo ID in order to vote.
Jan 29th, 2017
Someone from East Stroudsburg, PA writes:
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Couldn't agree more! Before moving to PA, I lived in NY; where they don't require ID's to vote. The fraud was rampant! There were at least 3 cases of illegals voting (just in the one polling place that I voted in) In addition; my deceased father & uncle was still listed on the voting roll & I (or anyone) could've easily voted for him. So yes! We MUST require valid ID's to vote. It will end the possibility of fraud! And EVERYONE should be in favor of that.
Jan 28th, 2017
Ken B. from Orange, TX writes:
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This issue of voter fraud is probable the most important thing that needs to be addressed. As high priority as protecting our borders. That's why I have locks on my doors. I don't want just anybody walking in and taking what God has blessed me with. Why can't we impower people where they are at. If they don't want help, leave them alone..... The obvious things seem foreign to a lot of folks. Powers and principalities.
Jan 27th, 2017
Someone from Calabasas, CA signed.
Jan 25th, 2017
Someone from Elkin, NC writes:
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Everyone I knew who voted for Trump was so worried that he would lose due to the fraud. It has always been blatant and no one has ever held the Democrats accountable. Also, the idea that an ID is not required, or it is racist is idiocy. Can we please have safe elections???
Jan 25th, 2017
wesley m. from San Antonio, TX writes:
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Only people that are legal citizens and show proof of valid usa ID should be able to vote !