Stop the use of microwave radiation on human beings

For the love of God we need to stop this torture it's been 2 years now for me I'm to the point where my bowel movements are cooked from the outside in I'm sick all the time. I literally have groups of individuals 15 to 50 cars following me bright lighting me to the point where I'm almost blind my eyesight since this has started his deteriorated 50% I've been harassed poisoned beat up tortured daily they even killed my dog while I was walking it on a leash if you don't believe it's happening wake up I have over 12,000 pictures from Montana to Nevada to Arizona to Chicago and back it's everywhere it's in plain sight and they are killing us daily I am in Montana because there's less harassers and the torture doesn't seem as severe even though I get burns on my skin I'm confused a lot I recently had $160,000 thousand dollars. And in 3 months I am now sitting homeless in my car on the side of the road in the Sun being circled by about 17 vehicles right now they're shouting at me spreading rumors about me they're doing something to my head body I've been poisoned something wrong with my nasal cavity it's full of scar tissue sometimes a block away from where I'm trying to go and I know the area well I'm confused and can't find it for hours and hours and hours that is them using some kind of unseen weapon on me I can't believe I'm saying this not two years ago I held two full-time jobs today I can't hold a job for a day I get harassed bullied picked on all my vehicles have been broken my latest one I had an avalanche an 06 they took the tie rods and tried to wreck me they set up scenes for crashes using semis they almost killed me in Arizona. I believe if people look back at single occupant rollovers and vehicle accidents that they are involved and probably 80% of them they swarm you they bright light you they hit you on curves to make the road look like it's going a different direction they're trying to get me to freak out. I would never believe in this if it wasn't happening to me it's so science-fiction I can't even believe I'm talking about it they use noise harassment I hear car horns and police sirens probably 20 hours out of the day I've turned corners and had six police cars with their lights on all over the place and not one civilian and they're all just sitting in there looking down it makes no sense I've come on the highway I've come over a hill to an ambulance sitting long ways on a three-lane highway with its lights on and nobody else around I've been poisoned through my milk I had a video of that cuz I kept a camera in the refrigerator they have now since taken all my hard factual evidence I have 12,000 pictures the same vehicles following me from town to town out here in Montana every town is 30 miles apart they have people in every town in every business sounds crazy I know it believe me I know it there's nothing we can do they control the environment so if you walk into Walmart all the sudden there's an issue cops show up 10 people saying the same story against you you're in trouble there's no getting out of it you have to keep yourself video camera it up law enforcements involved business owners are involved their family members and extended family members are all involved they communicate through the riss Network .the real-time information sharing system. It's a game to these people my stomach intestines and organs are being swollen reduced and swollen again and they twist as they go up and down causing blockage severe constipation twisted guts this is a real issue you guys are depopulating the Earth and you're using this as a way I have no idea why I got on some list I have no idea why I'm being harassed but I am it needs to stop they're trying to get us to freak out kill ourselves kill them kill the world like in Georgia where the guy shot nine of them they constantly harassed 24/7 and if you don't have a strong mind you will go under my days are spent sitting in my car harassing them right back they won't hit first they'll sure yell call for cops but they don't strike first they'll hit you with these direct energy weapons there's got to be something in every car because I just keep coming by coming by coming by and by the end of it I'm just sick confused lost hurt all my money is gone I don't even know where everybody stolen everything all my vehicles my homes I'm reduced to sitting on the side of the road waiting for my death essentially and there's nothing we can do America needs help it's not just in America either but you can pass the psychic part thing is they harass so much you start to think that everybody in the situation is involved you forget chance and randomness everybody's not involved just the same perpetrators they're the ones that group up around your home they were on all sides of me there was 10 people and eight people in each house watching me 24/7 people walking dogs around 24/7 like a prison guard dress the same but not the same people they have shift change four five come out four five go in carrying blankets pillows water why are you guys killing me please stop