Stop the Unlawful Occupation of the Capitol by Congress with the National Guard

The Capitol Police have insisted that since the Capital Uprising on January 6th that deployed National Guard be stationed in D.C. As last recalled that number is now somewhere in the 5,000-10,000 guard range. In the beginning 15,000 guardsmen and women were deployed. This is a grievous move to continue to place military at the capitol. Please be mindful President Biden and all members of Congress these are activated men and women of the military. They are not police officers, firefighters or other civil servants. You are keeping men and women in the Capitol that are activated National Guardsmen. The Capitol Police have presented you with much factual evidence saying that this presence is no longer necessary.

First I will tell you a little bit about myself before I go into the numbered reasons that me and countless other Americans believe you are abusing the military in our government, and President Joseph Biden is abusing the power of the military, while albeit not directly, he is "condoning" these actions and demands from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. I am married to a Navy Sailor. I have been married to him this year for 8 years. I have been with him for a total of 16 years so I remember life before he joined the military and it was poor. We are white if that is of some importance to you, and we had very little means to survive until my husband joined the military. I was living at home with my parents because of Obama's mishandling of the recession because I had been laid off. My father was laid off in 2011 before me.

Not to be disrespectful, but I truly hope you all have that image clearly in your mind. I hope it stays in there forever. Now back to the present. My husband and other military service men and women have seen things that you all will never see. They have experienced things you will never, ever experience. Well, good for you.

Don't say I signed up for this. He did. I never signed up to be a property piece of the US Government. He did this job because he wanted to "help people". Simple people. Not politicians with overinflated egos and a piss poor plan to usurp power. At least, that is what your constituents believe and still it doesn't seem to concern a lot of you. Now, I told you all this because trust me I do have a point. I didn't get a bachelors degree in English, Graphic Design and a Masters in Media Design to sit here and bore you with intellectual explanations as to why I feel this is wrong. I can do that any day. I am going to provide you with direct, heart felt, and solid reasons as to why this cannot continue. I urge you to read this on the floor. I truly do, in fact I want you to.

1. While what happened at the Capitol got so completely out of hand and so completely wrong and deadly (I saw the videos, did you see all of them I wonder? The cop begging for his life as he was smashed in a door by a mix of Antifa, MAGA, and Q Anon rabble? Did you see that young woman get shot? Because I did. I saw her get shot and none of the men around her helped her. The police hardly helped her) that it should NEVER be condoned. But that does not give you the power, President Biden and members of congress to put up a rickety old black fence and station women and men who have been ripped out of their jobs and lives to protect you indefinitely. You are politician trash and you should be ashamed of yourselves. You serve the PEOPLE. The people run your jobs, not the other way around. You do not have unlimited access to our nation's hard working part time guardsman to do this. Did you know that I worked for the City of Richmond VA? We had activated police offers who were making better money in the police force, that were forced to leave their jobs to go to Afghanistan (under President Obama's administration) and fight. They were paid piss poor government money. Trust me, you guys don't pay them enough. You guys barely pay active duty with BAH better.

2. Taking control of power of the military does not mean you have won the hearts and minds of all of us. When Mr. Obama (I refuse to call him former President) left office, your great wonderful hope had an approval within the United States Navy of 18-20%. He got hardly any love from the armed services and he will continue to receive very little love from these people. Why? Because the sequester, and the on air vocal bashing of the Navy in particular that they are as "useless as people using bayonettes in war". I'm not sure about you, but to me that sounds a lot worse than what any President has said about the military to my knowledge. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong. Unlike everyone in the Biden Administration and Congress, I am more than willing to admit when I am wrong. You do not have the power of the military, and you never will.

3. There are people in Congress who are actively contesting this. They are showing you evidence and you all that continue to believe there is a threat continue to do whatever it is you want. I know about the threat from Q Anon for March 4th. Q Anon is about as insolent and full of their own trash as Antifa as BLM and have absolutely no gathering power, no resources to do anything of any consequence. But Mrs. Hitchens, what about the 6th? The 6th was a direct response of you all and your unwillingness to do your job. There are more people than you think out there that think the election had "special problems" and I know and have spent the last year not only becoming extremely knowledgable about COVID, but also about election law, universal voting law, and the history of it's deplorable nature in our congressional government.

4. If you can hand a flag to the family of George Floyd (a man who tried to shoot a pregnant woman) then you clearly have no mental capacity to handle the military outside the capitol. Period. End of Sentence. Hang it up.

5. The American people in the shadows, the large swarm of people who are still reading what we feel to be more truth than the New York Times, Washington Post, and Vox, etc do not want them there. This is the "People's House" and it should be opened to the people. You may not know this, but when I was a child, I had the distinct honor of seeing inside the chamber of the Capitol. I saw where laws were made, and it made me feel proud to be a child in this country. It made me proud to be an American. The people deserve access to their house, they deserve the right to tour it and share this beautiful message of democracy with their children.

6. The image of the guardsmen and women sleeping SLEEPING on the floor of the capitol to service a bunch of ego inflated politicians sends a message to this world. It shows the world we are WEAK. It shows that we do not have proper control of our military and armed forces. You are using people like my husband to sit there and waste their time. It is beyond despicable what you have done with this action and what you continue to do with it. The people have the right (in particular the Commonwealth of Virginia where my parents live, the state of Maryland, and any surrounding states) to access to their guard for vaccine distribution. I know you have Governor Northam in your pocket and he doesn't care, but the residents of Virginia care. And what if you start pulling more out of my home commonwealth? What is you start demanding from Florida where I live now? How can we trust your judgement? You may think everyone in the populace agrees with you, but sadly they do not. 50% of Biden voters polled now agree he was a poor choice. If those kinds of numbers do not give you pause, then I am not sure how to jolt your brains awake. I NEVER want to see that happen ever again in my lifetime.

6. Lastly, I think someone out of all of us needs to say something about the deplorable behavior of Congress. Someone needs to open their mouth and say something straight, unflattering, and honest. It must be done. Call me a Q Anon because I do not believe in you, but believe this (and its not a threat, it's a promise) I am going to send what I have written EVERYWHERE. I have a strong social communication system not only through them military, but everywhere else. I will stop at nothing until you stop. I will write my way to the Congress floor if that is what it takes.

So in closing, let me say, you all should be ashamed of yourselves. Including the libertarians that serve my chosen party's interests. Drop the racism to everyone but African-Americans, drop the feminist bra burning garbage. Stop the hatred of everyone you HATE and disagree with and OPEN UP THE CAPITOL.