Stop the unconstitutional Cap and Trade Bill

Stop S. 1733 and/or H.R. 2454 et al. Cap and Trade

S. 1733, H.R. 2454 et al; Cap and Trade; this bill has absolutely no constitutional basis. It ushers in illegal taxation by private corporations. It is absolutely unacceptable for the government to have the assumed authority to ignore the Fourth Amendment! The citizens of this country have the right to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects. This is especially true when an unelected body has the authority as ?environmental cops? to violate the Fourth Amendment at will! Ultimately it will destroy the economy of this country. Additionally it will destroy the sovereignty of the United States and give our liberty to an unelected world government. As such, if this were to become law it would be an act contrary to the freedom guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.