Stop U.S. Land Sales to Foreign Countries

I am writing because of an article that tells of China building a Tire Manufacturing Plant in Tarboro, North Carolina USA. I do not understand why this Great Nation that has been built by our forefathers, went from Independence to dependent for money. It is the most disgusting action that the legislators of America agreed to have such a policy in a world trade agreement that we would allow a Communist country to purchase, own, build, and employ Americans to get rich. You, the leaders of this country are standing by and allowing this to continue year after year this selling out of our land. No country should ever be allowed to purchase land, only citizens of the USA.
I hereby request the Congress establish a bipartisan panel to study the agreements with foreign countries resolve this mess. We should not be trading with Communist countries, making them rich; however past legislation by Congress has sold us out. We stand empty with no manufacturing hardly at all. We even have to depend on Communist countries for chips to install in equipment. How do any of you think our future children will ever survive without taking hold of the independence we have lost. I visited Cherokee, NC years ago and bought souvenirs, and looked on the back to see, Made in China? Now, look where we are, everything made in China.