Stop the Thought Crimes Bill!

Stop the Thought Crimes Bill!

RE: Stop the Thought Crimes Bill!

It is being reported that the Democratic Congress will attempt to quietly railroad HR 1913 through the United States Senate. Many believe that HR 1913 is actually designed to lay the foundation for the persecution of any and all people who (even passively) disagree with the radical homosexual agenda and to criminalize beliefs, such as a belief, that marriage is only between one man and one woman.

John Whitehead, writing for Dakota Voice, spells it out when it comes to this so-called hate crimes bill: "In other words it opens the door for federal law enforcement officials (whether it be agents from the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and so on) to crack down on undesirable behavior wherever it occurs. The problem, which few want to acknowledge for fear of being labeled politically incorrect, or worse homophobic, is that in order to crack down on hateful behavior, hateful thoughts and expression must also be targeted..."

Whitehead adds: "On the whole, hate crime laws unnecessarily blur the distinction between what might be constitutionally protected, albeit deplorable, speech and criminal behavior. Eventually, this will spill over into criminalizing any kind of speech that any official in the echelons of government deems to be hateful or distasteful. Thus, hate crime laws... open the door for a whole new realm of prosecutions, namely thought crimes."

Thoughts are not crimes. Please do everything in your power to defeat this perverse and prejudicial bill!