Stop them from stealing our children

We need to stop DCF nfn from stealing children my children are perfectly fine I have a home I have job I have everything I need and these people are still not wanting to give me back my kids I have people coming up here to my area housing commissioner and telling them I'm never getting my children back I have not been to trial so therefore they have no right telling people I'm not getting my kids back these people need to be stopped everything they say is a lie the reason my taste is open I approved was not me there for my children should have been given that to me my children were given back to me and taking again 6 months later for the same incident these people are wrong they're liars they're getting my children to lie my ten-year-old told me I take drug test I do not do drugs I've done all my classes I have gone to a different state to get a drug test done professionally because I cannot trust these people here something needs to be done about these people stealing our children my kids have a wonderful home I am a great mother they need to give me my children back they need to worry about the children out here that don't have parents the children that are being abused are the children they need to worry about I see women all the time abusing their children and all they do is get their kids handed right back to themit's not right they need to help the children that are in need they need to stop worrying about money it's not right they're ruining my life and my family for a little dollar there are so many children in this world who need the help more why waste your time on the children that have a wonderful home that have family who loves them my children are gorgeousthey think they can adopt them out fast but that does not give you the right to think you can take my children from me these people need to be stopped

please help me stop these people from taking my children and ruining families that don't deserve this