Stop taking our kids

I am a victim of the State of Nebraska St. Francis Minintres back in 2019 the came in took my children for a unsafe involvement, I was traumatized after losing my Mother and Sister one after another , I was lost and need help which they never offered any. I got into some trouble with my sister medication I got my first Felony and had to do some prison time in York woman's prison for 6 months . I was in jail for 3 months and could not get in touch with anyone and when I did they was serving me termination of my rights, I have been dealing with mental health as well and one could help or explain with was going on! I reached out and no help . I completed with was court order. Outpatient and therapy. Please I never did anything to my kids , l love my so much !! I have been going through this since 2019 My kids was taking away from me and placed with a lady that was later removed for malnutrition no charges was filed , I also had my family members tried to get my kids and any one was to get in touch !! Please help me!!!