The mortgage industry is using American Courts and the judicial system to literally steal homes. Uneducated attorneys and Judges are being conned and manipulated by the financial industry, hiding behind a complicated "machine" of their own making, filing fraudulent documentation, fabricating false payment histories, flat out lying about events and much more, and the Courts are allowing it to happen. And millions of Americans are becoming homeless because of it.

Judges say "you don't pay your mortgage, you lose your home. Nobody gets a free house." Only someone IS getting a FREE house and it is not the homeowner. It is the false lenders, servicers and trustees who are being paid to foreclose, at any cost. Worse, one doesn't have to be in a foreclosure situation to be ripped off, as their monthly payment is going to the wrong entity.


It's very easily proven nearly EVERY TIME by what appears (or doesn't appear) in county land record systems throughout this country, contrary to what is being reported to the IRS and the SEC and paid out to investors who believe their investment in mortgage-backed securities soured due to defaults. Only judges are not interpreting the information properly, falsely being lead by lenders & servicers.

This has completely compromised the entire Land Title system in the country, rendering it worthless. The chain of title has taken several different paths of ownership, simultaneously, which cannot happen, yet it is happening nearly every time IF one knows what to look for., something title companies are not trained to do.

Improper securitization of mortgages, (affecting over 90% of them,) has caused loans to become UNSECURED by TITLE because the proper, legal transfer of the debt never actually happened in order for the Trust to have accepted the loan as an asset.

It started in 1999-2000 when the Mortgage Electronic System (MERS) was set up by the title and banking industries to "streamline documentation," when in fact it was used to hide rightful loan ownership so the loan can be sold to several different entities, at the same time, without reporting the transfer MERS is a license to steal and should be immediately shut down. There is only ONE title to secure one loan. The entire system is fatally flawed.

This is all very easy to prove every time, IF one understands how to properly interpret the alleged events and filings and what the requirements are as outlined in the Trust's governing documents, IRS and SEC code and law. Problem is, attorneys defending foreclosures and judges are not versed in securities and trust law, therefore misinterpreting facts.

This problem not "complicated" as all - it is THEFT AND TRAFFICKING IN STOLEN PROPERTY in its purest form and our Courts are complicit, using "per curium affirmations" in the Appellate Courts, allowing Judges not to have to explain how they arrived at such a false ruling. That's NOT justice - it's communism and "big brother" government. Pension funds that invest in mortgage-backed securities through state employee retirement systems encourage it.

Special Courts, with properly trained authorities with knowledge in tax, trust, securities, real estate and title law, must be set up to hear the title wave of illegal foreclosures this country faces. Millions of people should NEVER be thrown out of their homes, by illegal means, by entities who have no right or claim and with a Court’s blessing. It is unconscionable and our judicial system should never be used as a weapon against its own people.

The Court system, judges, attorneys and the mortgage industry must be held accountable and must be made to prove, with irrefutable GAAP accounting evidence, to show they actually paid for the loan - not by hearsay and false information provided by thieves that the Court falsely believes due to ignorance.

I know this first hand. I am a veteran legal researcher specializing in these issues, seeing it first hand, every day what is happening and how, and it makes me sick. I've had over $5 million in real estate in FL literally stolen from me under these circumstances.

I uncovered that JPM Chase is currently committing fraud against over $400 billion in Washington Mutual originated mortgages, claiming ownership to them from the receivership, only FDIC officials confirmed they sold NO LOANS to Chase. There were none to sell at time of Wamu receivership.

When I demonstrated this to IRS investigators, two Attorney Generals (AZ & F)L, ALTA and others, they were all told to "Stand Down" and the property was sold to an unsuspecting buyer who has no idea they did not get clear title. Witnessed and well documented.

When I sued to clear title, armed with irrefutable evidence, witnessed Affidavits and FOIA responses to prove it, I lost in court. I appealed to the 2DCA,only they returned with a "Per Curium – Affirmed" ruling. I asked for a Written Explanation as to how they could possibly rule in such a manner, they refused and gave my property away. No explanation given as any sane, ethical, just person would have clearly have ruled otherwise, given the indisputable evidence.

Currently in another case, I proved beyond any doubt that the Secretary of Veterans Affairs did not own a 100% disabled Veteran's loan and a Ginnie Mae Trust did, reporting it as an asset for over 20 years, paying certificate holders. Yet an Assistant US Attorney for the DOJ colluded with a Ginnie Mae official to fabricate false evidence tailored specifically to my allegations, to dispute my irrefutable evidence and the Court accepted it with no question and ruled in their favor, without a hearing or considering my response, shutting it down completely.

Another revelation, JPM Chase, Credit Suisse and others are magically reviving extinguished loans, a Satisfaction of mortgage recorded into land record, then assigning it again into a new mortgage-backed security as if it were an active mortgage. Obviously, there is no valid loan nor title securing it, yet it is being sold to investors who have no idea it is happening. Again, easily proven in county land records.

This is the length they will go to STEAL HOMES. Homeowners did nothing except maybe fall on hard times. The mortgage industry is committing fraud, and using our court system to do it.

These are NOT isolated incidents described here. It is happening to nearly every loan in America. IT MUST BE STOPPED.