Stop small town crime corruption in Central Illinois

My children have been wrongfully taken from me without good reason is what all this had to do with but there's many crooked government officials involved and also people with resources to destroy families and purposely misplace kids into what I believe is a pedophile or human trafficking ring! I'm begging for help as this is real and need something to be done before anything worse happens and hope You will at the minimum document this for if anything worse shall occur! I have write the Fbi and State police in Illinois without any answers so far! This is what has been happening for 19 months to me and several others I know but not including all the people they do it to that is unknown to me!

Ford County, IL is where this all began about Jan of 2021! It started with Megan Christine Hawk and Courtney St. Clair the Mother's of My Children and One of there boyfriend's who was murdered last August and I believe this is all part of a pedophile ring! There are social workers such as one hope united, DCFS, and Cyfs who are all for some reason currently involved in My Children's cases. My Kids cases are some if the few that need to be investigated! I know I was incarcerated and tried to make Me look mentally ill to make and currently are still trying to make my kids wards of the state. I have never been hospitalized or had any mental health issues! Regardless of the fact Caden Jeffrey Burgrabe and Bentley Joseph Burgrabe are names I need to repeatedly report to Your Guys office and hope it finally gets the attention needed, because these reports have not been getting addressed as I keep reading about! I'm not sure if it's lack of effort or resources but I'm going to send this to as many agencies and human rights activist as possible looking for help and answers as this may have already been a problem before this started with other kids and people going missing or nastily misplaced purposely into the wrong homes with many government officials knowing about it! I believe they use synthetic telepathy and v2k to target vulnerable individuals and use small courts to try and cover it up! My stalkers and me talk on a normal level and I have many names of actual people I know who live in that county! I'm sure alot of the names are being used but have answers to any if the questions You may have! I believe it is Police officers and other DCFS like agencies doing this to parents who are single or just split up and use direct energy weapons who use either radio towers or cell towers from Ford County, Illinois to Me in Lafayette, Indiana! So there should be some type of constant connection going back and forth if You contact the FCC I'm sure They have all the help You would need to bust this disgusting possible pedophile or predator ring. They are aware of every time I write You and sit with Me 24/7 using mind torture to try and make Me unfit but I'm aware their intentions and they can't break me so they keep repeatedly saying the same things and using synthetic telepathy and v2k to torment Me about trying to rape and kill my kids and there mother's! CADEN JEFFREY BURGRABE, BENTLEY JOSEPH BURGRABE, AND THEIR MOTHER'S COURTNEY JO ST,CLAIR, AND MEGAN CHRISTINE HAWK need to be remembered and documented in case something happens to me or this goes unnoticed once again! I am going to send this to many different people to try and get help so please know that there have been several deaths the past few years that I believe we're made to look accidental but werent! I've had to keep this to Myself for so long because I have been harassed and set up by the police through the v2k and have begged and pleaded for them to just let Me live my life and leave me alone, BUT THEY ARE PERSISTENT IN TELLING ME THEY WANT MY KIDS TO MOLEST AND KILL AND WANT TO RAPE THEIR MOTHERS! THEY ALREADY HAVE MY CHILDREN WITH FAMILY MEMBERS RIGHT NOW THROUGH DCFS, ONE HOPE UNITED, CYFS, AND FORD COUNTY, ILLINOIS COURT SYSTEM! I HAVE NEVER HAD A REASON TO LOSE MY KIDS NO MENTAL ILLNESS NO DRUG ARREST OR FAILED DROPS! I BELIEVE THEY'VE DONE THIS TO OTHER PARENTS AND KIDS HAVE BEEN PUT WITH THIS GROUP OF PEOPLE AND THERE HAS TO BE SOMETHING THAT CAN BE DONE TO STOP THIS GROUP OR GO THREW ALL THE RECORDS OF THAT AND SURROUNDING COUNTIES TO CHECK ON THESE KIDS AND MAKE DOCUMENTS( WHOEVER MAY READ THIS) IN CASE SOMETHING MAY EVER HAPPEN TO ANY OF THESE NAMES CADEN JEFFREY BURGRABE, BENTLEY JOSEPH BURGRABE, AND THEIR MOTHER'S COURTNEY JO ST,CLAIR, AND MEGAN CHRISTINE HAWK THAT IVE REPORTED THIS TO THE FEDERAL TIPLINE AND WILL SEND TO THE ILLINOIS STATE POLICE TIPLINE! I HAVENT REPORTED TO LOCAL POLICE BECAUSE I BELIEVE THEY ARE THE MAIN ONES INVOLVED ALONG WITH THE FORD COUNTY SHERIFFS DEPT. I CURRENTLY HAVE COURT FOR MY KIDS AUGUST 30 2022 AND WILL KEEP SENDING THIS TO AS MANY AGENCIES AND NON PROFIT LAWYERS AND HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST! I BELIEVE MY PUBLIC DEFENDER IS IN THE WORKS WITH THE STATES ATTORNEY OF FORD COUNTY! THEY REPEADEDLY TELL ME TO KILL MYSELF WHICH AT THE BARE MINIMUM IS PREMEDITATED ATTEMPTED MURDER, I BELIEVE THEY USE THE SAME DIRECT ENERGY TO MY 3 AND 13 YEAR OLD SONS AND MANY OTHER KIDS WHICH IS SUPER HARMFUL TO THEM AND THE ONLY REASON WOULD BE FOR PEDOPHILE REASONS! PLEASE DO NOT BRUSH OFF OR DISREGARD AS YOU COULD SAVE MANY LIFES!

sebastianburgrabe394@gmail.Com IS MY EMAIL IS YOU NEED TO CONTACT ME