End lack of sanitation, physical restraints, chemical restraints, bedsores, infections, physical, verbal abuse to preven a horrifically painful death that occurs every hour of every day in America.

We, the taxpayers, demand that it be a felony to harm any person in any medical facility. We demand inspectors report on a consistant basis any abuse found. We demand cameras in every hallway, patients be kept clean, fed, as every human is entitled to a good standard of care. We demad the elderly, and others who are bed bound due to stroke, intibation be turned every 2 hours, bathed, fed and attened to nomatter thier state of illness. We demand doctors, nurses, & other staff report abuse or be considered an accomplice to the abuse. We demand medical staff be arrested and charged crimminally when committing abuse.

We demand new laws to protect the thousands who die every day due to lack of care. We damand a system of check, report, and arrest on each abuse found. We demand facilities charged with abuse be listed on an Medical Facility List site on-line for all americans to check.

We demand the oath "Do No Harm" is instituted to the fullest capacity of the oath. Any variances from this oath must be punnishable by a crimminal charge and suspension of leave of the abuser's job until trial.

We demand free attorneys of those who have been abused and a court hearing requiring an immediate investigation.

We demand that judges hear all cases presented on an emergency basis, and dispatch an investigator to the facility immediately which will reslut in a fine and suspension of the facilities rights in court, when abuse is found.

We want these abusers to be treated like child molesters and be followed to any hospital they seek to transfer to.

We demand humane treatment for seniors, including all civil liberties and amendment rights.

We demand that cameras be allowed in every room. "Nanny Cams" , in addition to cameras in the hallways of every facility.

We demand that seniors be treated as humans. We damand that every facility is adivised and supervised to guarantee patient rights.

We will not tolerate sepsis, starvation, dehydration, chemical & physical restraints, over mecication, lack of pain medication, dirty beds, dirty rooms, lack of sanitation, running water, and any other condition causing a horiffically painful death.

Your job depends on our vote. Thus we will be watching each and every house vote to assure change is made. We demand hearings on a regular basis for patients families to address congress, the senate, on abuse incidents. We the taxpayers endorse this petition of rights by out signature below. We will not allow the present system to occurr any longer.


The Families of Abused Patients

Supporters of this Petition