Eliminate, Reduce, Regulate EMF Radiation emission in Every U.S. Industry for Human Health/Safety

This petition calls for the elimination, reduction, modification, regulation, and enforcement on the Federal and State level pertaining (EM) Electromagnetic Radiation emission for every relevant industry in the United States of America that uses technology, devices or equipment that emit Electromagnetic Radiation to reflect the current exant research evidence in the medical field on biological and clinical psychological harm to human health. This petition includes pulsed or continuous microwave technology pertaining the microwave auditory effect, and thermoplastic effect the most widely accepted biological effect if microwave radiation, in addition to (ELF) Extremely Low Frequency radiation emission from grounded power sources and should prompt the effort to modify guidelines that govern the telecommunications, military, transportation, agriculture, and medical field to confer greater protection of the United States population and human beings around the world from EM Radiation biologically documented harmful effects. This petition leading to the creation and enforcement of a bill or act necessarily includes popular devices such as mobile phones, computers, household appliances, electronic equipment, and less well known electronic equipment including advanced military weaponry, radar systems, and electronic jammers, and similar equipment or devices that emit electromagnetic radiation. The harm that Electromagnetic Radiation has caused human beings has been well documented in the health field and engineering field across the globe for centuries and includes all frequency levels, at different power levels. A new and coordinated system of effective detection, documentation, and regulatory feedback based on the medical field's most recent, novel, sensitive methods should become readily accessible to anyone harmed by these damaging environmental effects on their brain, body function and DNA. This further includes the ceasing of unconstitutional and harmful psychotronic weaponry on U.S. citizens, as intended in the 'Space Preservation Act' presented during congress session in 2001 in addition to the 'Ban on Space Based Weapons' or 'Richmond Resolution' passed during city council meeting in the City of Richmond California in 2015.