Stop police internet sex stings

Police internet sex stings are entrapment

Police Internet sex stings are entrapment. Internet sex stings are unconstitional police officers posing as minors on adult dating websites is Unconstitutional it destroys lives people threats other people from these internet sex stings and I am one of them that got arrested and convict by this internet sex sting and now I have to register as a sex offender of a make believe person who wasn't underage I also have to take sex offender treatment classes. Banned all law enforcement to be in all chatrooms on the internet enticing people to go into their trap. Internet sex stings are entrapment its direct violation of our constitutional

rights and our 1st amendment rights pardon all people from internet sex stings and charge the police departments who is involved with these stings for illegal use of the internet and stop spying on innocent people and also stop entrapped people for money and arrest every single police officer who is pretending to be minors on adult websites and arrest every single police officer who is pimping out a "minor" for sex on adult websites and arrest every single police officer who has child porn. Have the police fight real crime!!!!!! Arrest and Sue every single volunteer from Perverted and Sue MSNBCs Dateline Host Chris Hanson for 100 billion dollars for creating crimes against inocoent people on adult only websites.

New Entrapment Bill

Internet sex stings on adult sites are entrapment

Prostitution stings are entrapment

Drug stings are entrapment