Stop playing politicis with Michigan children!

Reject House Bill for Education cuts.

Hello, My name is Lisa Major. I have 3 young children in the Roseville Mi. school district. The bill I oppose is going to effect the entire state, each district differently. This year alone music for K-3 and library was cut for the school. P.e., art and music are in jeopardy which means the students will miss out on a well rounded curriculum. The Early Childhood programs will be hurt along with the transportation system. We need the busses to get these students to school.

I am also very concerned because my nephew,first year in college, had recieved a Michigan Promise collage scholarship grant. The bill will take 96,000 grants away from these kids. They depend on this money and are tring to get an education for their future and ours. We have to speak up for our children, we can't let them down. They are our future.