Stop playing games

Government has been playing games with our money and it is time to stop.

America is demanding that all parties STOP playing games with our money and our futures. The time to end the political power game is now. Over the past few years it's been nothing but a question of who has the most power. No one in government has cared about what the people want or need. The only thing you have cared about is which party has more control. Americans don't need someone holding our hands and making decisions for us, we need people making decisions based on what we need and want.

Government WILL listen to us now. We are DEMANDING you stop this political party game playing and do the following:

1) Look for and find the government programs that do not work, are no longer needed or are simply absurd and ELIMINATE THEM. The cowboy poetry festival is NOT important enough to waste OUR money on.

2) There is $784 plus BILLION dollars sitting in Washington doing NOTHING. That is money BORROWED from other countries. You want to lower the debt GIVE IT BACK or in better terms BUY OUR COUNTRY BACK. Why is that money just sitting there accruing interest?

3) STOP spending money on roads and bridges. This does NOT put Americans back to work. Remodel some of the state buildings. Build new state buildings or simply get out of the stock market PERIOD. If any of you think that roads and bridges create jobs for Americans you are sadly ignorant.

4) You ask US to take pay cuts and cuts in benefits WE feel it is time YOU did the same. You make $174,000 dollars a year. The leaders make $194,000 a year. This is WITH benefits that WE pay for. After you retire or are voted out you make $60,000 a year WITH BENEFITS and free healthcare. This is absurd. WE DEMAND you start doing as you want us to do. YOU are not any more special than any one of us. Cut your OWN salaries

5) STOP paying your staff the insane amounts they make. When ousted lawmakers pay out bonuses to their staff in the amount of $6.7 MILLION dollars something is wrong.

6) LISTEN. We want and demand that government LISTENS to the people again. All we hear is "we want to talk to the people." or "We want to talk to the other party" try LISTENING instead of talking all the time. If you would only LISTEN to what the people have to say then things would be MUCH better.

These are not wishes nor are they us asking for you to do this we are DEMANDING these actions be taken.