STOP live abortions!

I want to stop live abortions that are leaving babies for dead in a room all alone!

I recently found out about the Law stating that a woman is allowed to have an abortion half way through her pregnancy and then the baby is left for dead in a separate room. This is murder and disgusting! I can not believe you would allow this to happen, how come those babies can not be allowed to be carried full term and then put up for adoption. There are tons of people and families out there who are unable to have children, allow them to have the chance at these children. Have a separate organization that allows these innocent babies to be given to a home that is fit and loving, why should they be left for dead. This organization can be able to provide a place for these babies to stay at until a home is found, the new home shouldn't have to pay any adoption costs, especially since these babies were going to be left for dead in the first place. This would help out this situation and make the president more popular, you could have a set fee,(that is a low enough fee), that each family has to pay for the facility to be open, and then they can receive a precious baby. I have a child of my own, and I personally started to cry when I found this out, a baby is a gift not a punishment. The couple involved in conceiving the child then does not need to "be punished", and then they do not have to live with the thought every day about how they murdered their child.

I beg of you to consider all options in this matter, you can even start a donation for such a facility, I am sure it will help you raise enough money to open and run one. I do not think that if your mother chose to murder you, that you would feel the same way about why this got passed in the first place.