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Courts have authority to suspend a license granted to a Child Support obligor by a state. This power is frequently passed on to Child Support Enforcement employees that have authority and direct access to the Department of Motor Vehicles license data base. The obvious license subject to suspension is the driver's license, but states issue licenses for a variety of occupations. Because these licenses are required to work in the particular occupation, license suspension can be a serious matter to an obligor.

Is all non payment of support deliberate or could it be the result of economic hardships imposed due to erroneous license suspensions? In many places public transportation to and from work is not an option. Most people require a driver's license in order to stay employed. How can it benefit a child to take away the one thing that may allow a parent who has fallen behind in support to eventually catch up?

Example: A truck driver, construction worker or salesman is laid off or injured on the job and unable to work. They apply for benefits and find either there is no insurance or there is a waiting period before benefits begin (at a fraction of earnings) resulting in a duration without income. They inevitably fall behind in everything (not just child support). Child Support responds by suspending their license until caught up. Attempts to return to work are met with "the position is no longer available" or, "unable to accommodate injury." Child Support is notified of the situation and responds with "find work elsewhere." What is often not considered is that most employers will not hire qualified people in these fields without a valid license. They are turned away until they get their license and support issues straightened out. Many professions require valid driver's license in order to use a professional license which influences employ-ability as a result. This becomes a downward spiral for the "obligar" and has a direct impact on the child that would benefit from the support.

So, how do they get caught up if they are not employable in their field? How can taking away a parents ability to seek, obtain or keep employment benefit their children? In the overall picture license suspension punishes the child more than the obligated parent.

Work in the support of children and click the links to email the Senate, House of Representatives, President Obama and your Congressman and request that they stop driver's licenses suspensions for delinquent child support. Sign the petition. You have work to support a child.

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3 hours ago
Kevin T. from Norwalk, CA writes:
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This makes me feel like I'm doomed.
1 day ago
Jerome L. from Upper Marlboro, MD signed.
1 day ago
Amanda W. from La Vergne, TN signed.
2 days ago
Someone from Murray, KY writes:
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I was a transit bus driver. I was ordered to pay child support by the state of Tn. The order also included back support owed. The back support caused a immediate suspension of my license. No license=no payments from me. This caused me to fall further behind. Now I am so far behind that I will likely never catch up. Courts are looking for me to serve court papers to me that will in the end lead to me being in jail. Good luck getting payments from me while in jail lol. Bottom line. The state took my ability to pay away and now would like to punish me for not paying. PUNISH AWAY! I have been to jail bed=fore and could use the break from real life for a while. Your other option is to return my license so I can go to work and start making payments. On a side note. I went to court and asked a judge to return my license with for work use only restriction and was told no. I was informed that it was a all or none deal. Since I could not pay all I would get no license. I am unemployed thanks to the wonderful state of Tennessee. My obligation is over 800 a month and I have a 500 a month income. You want me to pay how???
Apr 25th, 2017
Andy M. from Grand Rapids, MN writes:
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Suspending a truck drivers license makes no damn sense at all
Apr 25th, 2017
Nicholas R. from Berwick, IL signed.
Apr 25th, 2017
Nicholas R. from Berwick, IL signed.
Apr 24th, 2017
Someone from Rialto, CA writes:
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Child Support Guidelines violate Constitutional Rights , State Constitutional rights, Bill of Rights , Civil Rights it's a new form of Slavery ( even that was legal at some point if time) Judicial Procedures shall never be allowed in Executive Hearings it violates separation of Powers also, Impartial proceedings to generate revenue with gangland like tactics, The Child Support Agency is a Private Entity EMPLOYED by the Executive Branch which means their a Debt Collection Company with State Powers , does Walmart or Target (which are private companies also) possess these perks ? No! Our Government has knowledge of the corruption but turns a blind eye , The Patriot Act actually classify the Department of Human Services as a domestic threat to civil liberties.
Apr 23rd, 2017
Someone from Seymour, TN signed.
Apr 14th, 2017
Joseph S. from Whitman, MA writes:
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This is unbelievably true. These sanctions are added by child support organizations without consideration for the very children they are supposed to help. Automated system that is implemented without understanding the families indivdual situations. Even though support is being paid they plan on suspending auto, registration,and three work licenses that will cost several hundred dollars in fees to reinstated payable to comm of mass, not my children.