Courts have authority to suspend a license granted to a Child Support obligor by a state. This power is frequently passed on to Child Support Enforcement employees that have authority and direct access to the Department of Motor Vehicles license data base. The obvious license subject to suspension is the driver's license, but states issue licenses for a variety of occupations. Because these licenses are required to work in the particular occupation, license suspension can be a serious matter to an obligor.

Is all non payment of support deliberate or could it be the result of economic hardships imposed due to erroneous license suspensions? In many places public transportation to and from work is not an option. Most people require a driver's license in order to stay employed. How can it benefit a child to take away the one thing that may allow a parent who has fallen behind in support to eventually catch up?

Example: A truck driver, construction worker or salesman is laid off or injured on the job and unable to work. They apply for benefits and find either there is no insurance or there is a waiting period before benefits begin (at a fraction of earnings) resulting in a duration without income. They inevitably fall behind in everything (not just child support). Child Support responds by suspending their license until caught up. Attempts to return to work are met with "the position is no longer available" or, "unable to accommodate injury." Child Support is notified of the situation and responds with "find work elsewhere." What is often not considered is that most employers will not hire qualified people in these fields without a valid license. They are turned away until they get their license and support issues straightened out. Many professions require valid driver's license in order to use a professional license which influences employ-ability as a result. This becomes a downward spiral for the "obligar" and has a direct impact on the child that would benefit from the support.

So, how do they get caught up if they are not employable in their field? How can taking away a parents ability to seek, obtain or keep employment benefit their children? In the overall picture license suspension punishes the child more than the obligated parent.

Work in the support of children and click the links to email the Senate, House of Representatives, President Obama and your Congressman and request that they stop driver's licenses suspensions for delinquent child support. Sign the petition. You have work to support a child.

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Aug 10th, 2018
Stephen T. from Merritt Island, FL writes:
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Even people convicted of DUI's still can get a special license that allows them to go to and from work, searching ft. Or a job, or on the job
Aug 10th, 2018
Darren H. from Gretna, LA writes:
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Driving your car to work or wherever should not conflict with child support payments to the point of suspension of drivers license, Its not fair at all when most women sit back and dont work, waiting for the money and they can drive and spent your childs money to pay for a new car And insurance A man cant even afford to live because the cost of living is so high these days. Everyone should have the privilege to drive without ristrictions....
Aug 3rd, 2018
Eric S. from Dickinson, TX writes:
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This law needs to be investigated for entrapment purposes. Taking someone’s ability to work, drive, and progress financially over back child support, is the biggest irrelevant idea ever. It just traps people in the judicial system that racks up fines, interest, and tax payers money. In other words its a business created by politicians, in order to make millions from tax payers, and create felons that over crowd prison cells and draw state tax revenue for made up political salaries. Heres an idea: Allow the mother or father to take the dead beat parent to court, in which it would state, that parent, looses all rights to any decisions in the childs life if he or she chooses not to pay, with still penalizing them for repayment to the child through any income garnishments, and automatic audits every 2yrs. This also must be done in a civil court without the state being involved. Government medical will also be added monthly if the child has no insurance. This accumulated cost will be garnished by anything the mother and father ever own in their lifetime as a divided cost until one of the parents pick up they’re own insurance coverage. While under government coverage, any major medical treatment cost will be added to the garnishment at 60% to the parents owed debt. With this debt then parents will be able to apply for care credit and make payments through one of many creditors that are not allowed to charge over 5% interest with term exclusions, such as no loan over 30yrs unless it exceeds $75,000. Put the responsibility on the idea of not having children unless you can afford it, and take it off the tax payer. They’re are too many loopholes that create profits off false hope and sets up people for failure, including the the ones who pick up the bill.
Jul 14th, 2018
john v. from chicago, IL writes:
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I left my job and was paying arrears that I owed on child support. I went to my new job and sent the letter back in the mail that I received so they can know where I work now that way I can continue to pay my arrears. after sending the letter I never received another letter and didn't realize that the deductions were not coming out of my check for my new job, so my license was suspended without me even knowing. I lost my job which I was just given a new position, I lost my brand new car,I was given a five-day notice on my apartment, and the worst thing about all of this my son lives with me I raise him!!! she kicked him out about 4 years ago and I'm still paying everything the courts are not trying to hear anything because I'm still the bad guy in their eyes. She gets away with everything and I have to be stuck doing everything financially. There was absolutely no warning by Chicago letting me know that my license was going to be suspended it's a really terrible thing to do this to fathers who care and mothers who care. I have zero faith and trust in our city and Country if I could I would leave this country and move to Europe
Jul 14th, 2018
Someone from Chicago, IL signed.
Jul 11th, 2018
Casey N. from New Orleans, LA writes:
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My drivers license was suspended even though I was collecting social security disability and unable to pay, I was able to pay my arrears in full and had my license reinstated, 3 weeks later I received a second certified letter from DMV warning that my license was being suspended for non payment of child support at the request of Louisiana dept of children and family services who assured me this would not happen as my case was closed after my arrears were paid in full but today I learned that they have in fact suspended my license basically putting me out of work since I make my living driving.
Jul 3rd, 2018
Undra S. from Westside, IA writes:
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I was paying child support through weekly deduction and was not allowed to renew my CDLs. Therefore unable to work after 34 years of trucking. Very depressing and unfair to someone who is trying to be a law abiding citizen I can't even drive a taxi. This law need to be revised. Please help.
Jun 30th, 2018
Kim T. from Calhoun, GA writes:
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I personally think its crazy to take drivers license away because they have no way to get to work or to be able to take the kids involved anywhere on visitation. And to add to that, they cant go fishing or hunting because thats gone too ! I just think it rediculous sorry for saying this but a woman must have passed the law for fishing and hunting license to be taken away. Something they can teach the kids. Smart, real smart.
Jun 28th, 2018
Amy V. from BAKERSFIELD, CA writes:
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You are destroying my life with this im not going to walk in 105 degrees. To look for a job this is a fricken joke just like the the so called department of justice more like no justice or freedom like i said a joke ridicoulous
Jun 24th, 2018
Someone from Mobile, AL writes:
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I know you got to take care of your kids but I need to work to do that

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