Courts have authority to suspend a license granted to a Child Support obligor by a state. This power is frequently passed on to Child Support Enforcement employees that have authority and direct access to the Department of Motor Vehicles license data base. The obvious license subject to suspension is the driver's license, but states issue licenses for a variety of occupations. Because these licenses are required to work in the particular occupation, license suspension can be a serious matter to an obligor.

Is all non payment of support deliberate or could it be the result of economic hardships imposed due to erroneous license suspensions? In many places public transportation to and from work is not an option. Most people require a driver's license in order to stay employed. How can it benefit a child to take away the one thing that may allow a parent who has fallen behind in support to eventually catch up?

Example: A truck driver, construction worker or salesman is laid off or injured on the job and unable to work. They apply for benefits and find either there is no insurance or there is a waiting period before benefits begin (at a fraction of earnings) resulting in a duration without income. They inevitably fall behind in everything (not just child support). Child Support responds by suspending their license until caught up. Attempts to return to work are met with "the position is no longer available" or, "unable to accommodate injury." Child Support is notified of the situation and responds with "find work elsewhere." What is often not considered is that most employers will not hire qualified people in these fields without a valid license. They are turned away until they get their license and support issues straightened out. Many professions require valid driver's license in order to use a professional license which influences employ-ability as a result. This becomes a downward spiral for the "obligar" and has a direct impact on the child that would benefit from the support.

So, how do they get caught up if they are not employable in their field? How can taking away a parents ability to seek, obtain or keep employment benefit their children? In the overall picture license suspension punishes the child more than the obligated parent.

Work in the support of children and click the links to email the Senate, House of Representatives, President Obama and your Congressman and request that they stop driver's licenses suspensions for delinquent child support. Sign the petition. You have work to support a child.

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1 day ago
Suzanna M. from Jersey City, NJ writes:
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This sounds like a catch 22, on one hand a non-custodial parent can maintain his/her licence by just making good faith payments and by requesting a revaluation of their circumstances. Perhaps only suspend licenses of those who not having a car are not affected. My ex owes $6,000 and in past has owed $10,000. He is an Executive Chef and Catering owner/operator in California. If you can't or won't pay your court ordered cs payment. Any and other measures should ne taken to ensure payments are me. These ridiculous statements of. These penalties as a result of non payment of cs are simply an excuse. If the child lived with you, you'd have to support them, If being resentful towards your children because you can't or won't help support them. Then you are the worst garbage on the planet, because the children have nothing to do with that fact. Furthermore, when non-custodial parents don't help provide. More parents are forced to work double the time. Leaving little or no time for caring and bonding with their children. Leaving children and custodial parent to suffer, and when the entitlement programs have to help bridge the gap between the non-custodial parents inability or unwillingness to help. Then all tax payers are forced to help support your children. This bill is ridiculous and whomever is trying to pass it should be locked away for stupidity.
Oct 14th, 2018
zener z. from Gardnerville, NV writes:
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How many people have killed their ex's before suicide because they are so screwed without a license that they are unable to survive
Oct 8th, 2018
Kevin C. from Middletown, OH writes:
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Man!, I don't feel quite as bad after reading some of yalls situations, i also want to say that my deepest condolences go out to you and I feel your pain my brothers. We are by right and by blood the fathers of our Children, most if not all of our names arte on their birth certificate, we are financially responsible for every aspect of our childrens life yet if your not married or the mother is not a complete piece of trash we are told by the state we have no rights to our children until we file for "visitation" rights? I saw this and thought look here mfs your gonns charge me rent on my kid and tell me i can only see him lile 6 days a month... I think instead they ought to have the father under surveillance and if he proves to be a good dad does what he should for kid and household then it should be automatic 50 50 unless the PARENTS DECIDE differently because a father is so important in a kids life even if it is at seperate homes. Then they can go back and raise my support rate every 3 years? Really? And they take in my income and all that but if ahe remarried a sugar daddy that plays no bearing to my case? The support is to provide similar living conditions at both places... Thats not the case at all. I salute all you hard work dads who get up and get that 40 and then some and then pick them kids up when you get too and spoil em rotten because your time is numbered. We can all make more money but we can not get back time wasted. So yiur keep your chin up men and when they hit you with the enforcement order just grind it out and do t think how can i pay this much think how much more do I need to make. Im on the fighting side for sure but ive also learned to accept what is and adapt accordingly. It was hard to devwlopw that the firat 3 years of my sons life and it hurt my relationship with my boy. And he's 6 now and I've spent every day for about 3 years repairing it and I'm back to his hero and hes definitely my hero. Id work for free to be with that boy if I had to. Because the hugs and kisses i get and the smiles and joy he brings me is a priceless feeling. The govt always gonna be dipping, beat thing to do is deepen your well so you feel it less. Or stay with that ***** before you leave her. They do say cheaper to keeper and they ain't lying
Oct 5th, 2018
JAMES G. from Glenview, IL writes:
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I have been pulled over 17 times in the past 5 years. DHFS suspended my drivers license for not paying child support. Never have I ever denied my son or his mother of anything. I was starting my own business and had very little work when I was pulled over my 1st time. Arrested, car impounded and a $15,000.00 debt to my son???? He was 3 years old. I was 26. I was told I had to pay the amount in full or I couldn't get a drivers license or hardship license. I was pulled over once or twice a month for driving to work. I was put in jail for 4 months. Lawyers took the little money I had and did nothing. I was forced to see my son with supervised visits by his mother. It is a sad fact that this is accepted by the Government. I would do anything for my son. I want to see him every day and teach him good manners, hug and kiss him, teach him all that I can. It is sad that I do not have enough money to be a part of my sons life.
Sep 20th, 2018
James F. from Carthage, MS signed.
Sep 13th, 2018
joseph from Ocala, FL writes:
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I lost mine after a few missed payments during a job change. the week they would have started getting payments again i got pulled over and found out they suspended it. i lost the job i just gotten bcus of this. and now have to pay off a ticket and support agency wants double payment. or they put me in jail. this system is screwed. their solution is not beneficial to either sides desired outcome. but let them put me in jail. then the wonderful taxpayers can support me. kidsget no parent nor support parent goes to jail, and state dishes out more money makes no damn sense
Sep 11th, 2018
Stephen G. from Huntington park, CA signed.
Aug 21st, 2018
Scott M. from Nipomo, CA writes:
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Child support is a fictional debt. I never left my children, but my wife left me. She then moved in her new boyfriend and now husband and he didn't work for nearly six years, living in my ex's home, sustaining himself on her income, welfare benefits and my child support. I have been struggling for close to eight years, trying to stay in my kid's lives and abide by my employer's rules and the rules of the child support agency. Of course, I'm the loser to everyone and her new husband is the "Real man who stepped up when none else would. Thanks to all of the propaganda and misinformation surrounding child support and divorced men, my parents even think I'm a loser. I work as a train conductor and my conductors license is federal,so the states can't touch it, but after not being able to see my kids for close to two years because I was forced by my job to move to a different state, I quit that job to move back to where my kids lived and find another job. As soon as I quit and fell behind on support, the arrears started to build. I decided to get an interim low end job until I could find another railroad job so I could afford life again, so I decided to be a security guard for a while. I completed the guard class and the child support agency IMMEDIATELY suspended my Guard Card and I didn't have the money they wanted to get it reinstated. I was just like F%$K!!! I'm trying to work to pay you!!! But the system doesn't care what you're trying to do and neither did the over weight, apathetic feminist worker at the child support agency. She probably got off on these circumstances men faced. Again,child support isn't a debt. I didn't commit a crime, I didn't leave my children, I didn't initiate my divorce, I don't deserve to not have more custody, and I did not sign a legal contract that stipulates borrowing, or owing money. Yes, I am trying to pay, but these circumstances are beyond absurd. This debt is totally abusive and absurd. I have to play by the rules and jump through all of these hoops, but every welfare tweeter and illegal alien is having freebies winger at them at light speed, no questions asked. I've been to school and have a BS in Business, have worked since I was 15, became a train conductor, served this country for five years in the Marine Corps and try to play by the rules, but my country treats me worse than a felon. Illegal immigrants and criminals receive more state help and have more rights and privileges. This whole nation is unsalvageable and corrupt.
Aug 17th, 2018
Misty C. from Merced, CA writes:
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I feel very strongly about child support being able to suspend a driver's license. I am 39 years old & I have never had my driver's license. It cost me $140 just to be able to take the written test. I failed the first test & passed the 2nd attempt. Of course child support stood on the sidelines just waiting to get that little bit of money, & all's I was able to get was my driving permit & low and behold Child-Support suspended my driving permit. Like seriously. Who does this? The government, As long as you continue to owe then I'm right where they want me, government isn't hear to help us citizens of the United States of America. The government is not for us but against us. Darn, I sometimes wish if I was an immigrant I would more then likely get a whole lot of help. Lmao
Aug 16th, 2018
john d. from Columbus, GA writes:
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I thought driver license was for traffic laws so when did child support became a traffic violation

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