Courts have authority to suspend a license granted to a Child Support obligor by a state. This power is frequently passed on to Child Support Enforcement employees that have authority and direct access to the Department of Motor Vehicles license data base. The obvious license subject to suspension is the driver's license, but states issue licenses for a variety of occupations. Because these licenses are required to work in the particular occupation, license suspension can be a serious matter to an obligor.

Is all non payment of support deliberate or could it be the result of economic hardships imposed due to erroneous license suspensions? In many places public transportation to and from work is not an option. Most people require a driver's license in order to stay employed. How can it benefit a child to take away the one thing that may allow a parent who has fallen behind in support to eventually catch up?

Example: A truck driver, construction worker or salesman is laid off or injured on the job and unable to work. They apply for benefits and find either there is no insurance or there is a waiting period before benefits begin (at a fraction of earnings) resulting in a duration without income. They inevitably fall behind in everything (not just child support). Child Support responds by suspending their license until caught up. Attempts to return to work are met with "the position is no longer available" or, "unable to accommodate injury." Child Support is notified of the situation and responds with "find work elsewhere." What is often not considered is that most employers will not hire qualified people in these fields without a valid license. They are turned away until they get their license and support issues straightened out. Many professions require valid driver's license in order to use a professional license which influences employ-ability as a result. This becomes a downward spiral for the "obligar" and has a direct impact on the child that would benefit from the support.

So, how do they get caught up if they are not employable in their field? How can taking away a parents ability to seek, obtain or keep employment benefit their children? In the overall picture license suspension punishes the child more than the obligated parent.

Work in the support of children and click the links to email the Senate, House of Representatives, President Obama and your Congressman and request that they stop driver's licenses suspensions for delinquent child support. Sign the petition. You have work to support a child.

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Jun 16th at 4:23 pm
frankie l. from Port Hueneme, CA writes:
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I was paying child support then I got a letter from the d.m.v stating my license will be suspended in 30 days for none payment of child support. I went straight to child support to show them the letter because it had to be a mistake they take 50% of my check per week for c.s. when I asked them about it they said I must sign a contract with them . I read it and didn't want to give up any of my rights so I left and they took my license then I lost my job haven't worked since never paid another penny to c.s. that was 12 years ago
Jun 4th, 2019
Someone from Red Oak, TX writes:
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I’m a truck driver and live in a rural area. Without my license I not only have been unable to get work but I don’t know how I would be able to get there if I found work without breaking the law. It has not only hurt my family at home but my children I pay support for are getting nothing. There is an occupational license for a drunk driver that can be obtained but not for a guy that fell behind because of the economy on his child support!
Jun 2nd, 2019
Lance K. from Owasso, OK writes:
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Finally able to find work in Tulsa ok to find out my licenses is suspended, really what now?? Able to work and pay my support only to get kicked in the face again. What do I do have companies ready and hiring.any suggestions??
May 28th, 2019
Ashley P. from Hemet, CA writes:
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I am mother who owes child support and has other children including a disabled son I have no choice to take back and forth to school and doctors appointments. This law is ridiculously unfair
May 16th, 2019
Someone from El Cajon, CA writes:
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Ya i find out my licence is suspended on my way to an interview as i was slightly tailgating. I. Was pulled over for going 80mph in a 65 zone arrested and car towed
May 15th, 2019
David C. from Modesto, CA writes:
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I need a licenses to go to work
May 3rd, 2019
Tonja W. from Hendersonville, TN signed.
Apr 25th, 2019
Jeffrey B. from Rancho Cordova, CA writes:
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This is the most rediculous law in the world. I’ve had 3 suspensions this year. I have medical conditions but they don’t care. I have no rears but if I miss one payment even if it’s my employers fault I’m punished. Insurance doesn’t care if your license is suspended for dui or child support payments, it’s considered the same. Wow what a racket.i can’t wait to leave this f****d up state. I love my kids but I can’t help them if I can’t help myself. FIX THIS DAMN LAW!!!!
Apr 18th, 2019
Max S. from Belgrade, MT writes:
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I was seventeen when I had my first two children. Never even had a driver's license and at that age not many ppl keep a job for very long before moving on to another. The moms left me because again we were young. I was working and wanted a family but understandably they were scared and went to live with there family. Now I'm 28 have never had a license. Have been to jail multiple times for driving without a license and no insurance have been through countless jobs partially due to not having a license or going to jail for not having a license. At my age now I just want to work and take care of my kids. I now have a third child and I'm to scared to take him to daycare before work because if I get pulled over for no insurance then they find out I don't have a license I go to jail for at least four days and what happens to my son then? My entire adult life has been very full of anxiety due to this. Cops here in belgrade Montana have nothing to do a lot of the time so they pray on people like me who they know don't have a license. I don't speed I use my turn signals o do everything right in order to not draw attention to my self but they know my face and that license is suspended so if I'm seen I'm going to jail. I start another new job Monday. A town over. I hope I can work there long enough to get my license and finally after eleven years bring this nightmare to an end. To make it all the sweeter I'm on federal probation now because I decided to sell drugs and and bought some bad guns from a neighbor a few yrs ago. I couldn't ever hold a job long and gotta make money one way or another. So if I get pulled over or my p o even finds out I'm driving I'll go back to prison for at least ten months because I'm in violation of my terms of release. I'm already 23thousand in debt from child support alone. When you go to prison they keep charging child support. I don't know what to do. I feel like I'm stuck in a revolving door that keeps spinning and sinking.
Mar 29th, 2019
Someone from Omaha, NE writes:
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I suffered a major heart attack I. Which I was clinically dead for 2 hours before they were able to bring me back and then felt with a slu of related I jury’s to the heart attack resulting in not being able to work for a year and a half. Only to have my license suspended when I was finally healthy enough to start working again for non payment of child support. They didn’t even seem to care my circumstances even though they were well documented from the hospital staff

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