Stop the Killing of Mute Swans THEY ARE NATIVE!

New scientific data shows mute swans are native.Stop the Killing!

Recent scientific information compiled and verified by top people in the field in both Canada and the United States shows the mute swans are native.This is vitally important, because they are being

killed by being rounded up,put into sacks and pummeled with hammers and then their necks are broken with long handled branch loppers.To date more than 3000 mute swans have been killed by the DNR in the Chesapeake Bay, leaving a population of under 500,also targeted

This is being done by the Maryland DNR, who lie and say they are using acceptable euthenasia practices endorsed by the American

Veterinary Medical Association, which they are not, I called and they were horrified when I told them. Go to for the full paper and contacts. PLEASE STOP THE MUTE SWAN KILLINGS!

Fossils in five states, a 1585 drawing by John White in Roanoke, mentions of "three species of swans on the continent" by Audubon himself, who also mentioned the sound of the swans wings, which is a

species identifier in only the mute swans, the discovery of a lake

with "many young swans" in Kansas/Missouri in July by the Lewis and Clark expedition (well beyond the last date of migrations for both trumpeter and tundra swans, who go north in April/May, to Canada and

some tundras continue on to Siberia, so it would not be any other

species of swans.....check out Save the Mute HSUS won't help,we need to get the word out, fast............