Stop the Illegal, Unsafe Parking or Squatting of RVs on Public Streets in Springfield, Oregon

Our community deserves to feel safe with streets that have optimal visibility, safe intersections, clean infrastructures and a chance to maintain sales of the local housing market. Unfortunately, the uncontrolled parking of RVs on public roads has become a real problem in Oregon. RVs parked for extended periods of time, which means same location for more than 72 hours; block visibility, damage infrastructure, and can pose health hazards from waste, and chemicals. Often animals are secluded and neglected in RVs while the owners avoid contact with the local community. While many RV dwellers are good neighbors, the lack of regulation has enabled some to disregard public spaces and residential areas, and the law. We have a duty to protect the wellbeing of all residents, housed and unhoused alike. Please sign this petition calling for reasonable laws to regulate RV parking. With smart policies, we can address this issue humanely while preserving the accessibility and livability of our neighborhoods. Our community can come together to find solutions, but we need your support. Add your voice today for safe streets and consideration for all.