For over a year, evil people have started a destuctive mission to destroy a legal rescue

Dear Animal Lovers Everywhere: For over 4 years, Diana Peters from Death Row Dog Rescue, Inc. has sacrificed everything to save the lives of over 2000 helpless dogs and puppies from being killed here in Florida at the local pounds and she has gotten every one of them a new loving family. After catching 2 ex-volunteers (Convicted Felon) from stealing from her registered legal dog rescue, they started a severe destructive campaign to destroy the only Life-Line so many of the helpless doomed animals had. Face Book has allowed Sherri Manfredi, her convicted Felon husband Joe, Darcy Butkus along with Wendy's UN-licensed Rescue to continually day and night to post un-documented slander, viscous lies and a total malicious attempt to discredit this dynamic dedicated dog rescue organization: Death Row Dog Rescue. The illegally hide behind the Face Book sites and dozens of other viscous sites that they have set up to do so much harm to so many dogs that have very little chances as it is to survive and to be able to find a new loving family. They have created dozens of fake bogus names set up on Face Book to make it look like there are many of them and the result of their evil and cruel statements, they have caused the unnecessary death of many hundreds of adoptable dogs and puppies. These dogs and puppies would have lived but for the horrific lies they have spread throughout. We need your help so we can continue to help so many of the dogs and puppies that are being slaughtered every day. Please sign and I pray we can get Face Book to shut them down.

God Bless You All for Caring?Diana Peters-

Death Row Dog Rescue 954-626-0708

Florida Non-Profit Rescue Organization