STOP the Horse Slaughter

There are thousands of horses sent to the horse slaughter every year. It's terrible, painful and absolutely wrong. What did the horses ever do to deserve this? Sign to STOP the Horse Slaughter!

There are thousands to hundred thousands of horses being sent to the horse slaughter every year. Many race horses who lost just ONE race is sent to the slaughter house, good little pony was too shy to train so was sent to the auction and ended up in the slaughter house, tall horse that misbehaved to us humans, was sent to the slaughter because they were scared and I can go ON & ON. It's happening EVERY day and it should stop NOW!

Yes, some horses are dangerous but give them a chance! They're scared! I'm sure if you were a horse you would be scared of humans too. And you shouldn't say you wouldn't act like a mean horse 'cause you would have a different mind.

Horses are prey animals. They think we, humans are the predators that may be mean or vicious. So what do you think they are going to do? :

A) Let you go up to them and just ride them

B) Let you pet them and train them then ride - EASY!

C) Run away

D) Bite you - Maybe run

What was your answer?

The right answer is C. NO horse would just let you go up to them, pet, train then ride. They would stand there and may run away. You would have to have patience and take time to build trust with the horse so you can actually pet him. They may try to fight because they're SCARED!