Stop GM Alfalfa

BAN GMO CROPS and CHEMICALS for Grazing Animals

I am asking for your VOTE to ban GMO CROPS and to stop using chemical fertilizers, by using organic methods to stop pollution and disease that is running ramped in America and spreading across the world. Making any plant genetically altered to resist poisons by having part of that poison inside the cell body is beyond crazy. Animals eat this, and then they are slaughtered for human consumption.

The major repercussion about GMO is once these seeds are planted, the can easily pollinate to non-GMO crops and infect them with their DNA. The real fact that this has not been tested over long periods of time is highly questionable, but the main problem is once these plants have been transformed into GMO they can NEVER go back to a natural gene pool so they are transformed forever into a different plant then what nature intended. More crops that have genetically altered genes will spread over the planet and destroy all natural heirloom seeds.

This is unacceptable to infect other crops, making a farmer liable to the seed company, saying they stole their seeds and ARE being SUED by companies such as Monsanto. This is nothing short of a take-over for a whole sector of livelihoods by controlling small farms in a corporate play to squeeze them out so large commercial farms can go unregulated to produce whatever they want with the help of lobbyist and government leaders that protect/promote these Agri-Giants.

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