Stop the Geo-Engineering (Chemtrails)

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The Cloverleaf program. These Chemtrails are getting people sick.Lack of vitimin D. They are destroying our waters and air. They are spraying us with Aluminum and Barium. You know whats going on because Greenpeace,NRC and the Sierra Club is promoting this crap for global warming. This must be stopped. This is crimes against humanity.

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Mar 27th, 2017
Someone from Port Jervis, NY writes:
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In the brain nano sized particles can cross from the bloodstream into the brain.
Mar 21st, 2017
Stephen A. from West Palm Beach, FL writes:
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Stop the Chem trails now.
Mar 10th, 2017
Someone from San Diego, CA writes:
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Your a part of this world too and so if your family and future family. Wake the **** up and do what is right, stop the geoengineering.
Mar 7th, 2017
Someone from Matthews, NC writes:
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I've noticed a recent reduction in geo-engineering chem trails in North Carolina, hence why I have researched a reason for the change. I think it's due to our new president enacting something. The barium and aluminum and other chemicals pollution to the land and deadly biological effects from this nearly 1 billion dollar a year United States program are beyond comprehension. There are more countries involved in this global agenda. It's time the people responsible for this agenda run by the new world order under the United Nations be punished with extreme prejudice by each sovereign nation.
Mar 4th, 2017
Matt S. from Loveland, CO writes:
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Anyone involved at any level with the spraying of these poisons is a war criminal.
Feb 27th, 2017
Robert G. from Jennings, FL writes:
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Stop poisoning our air and water.
Feb 25th, 2017
ronald h. from kingston, NH writes:
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FACT:2016 the highest temperature of planet to date,in history! global warming is a lame excuse to test bio-weapons on innocent people,animals,plant-life,they are KILLING the planet,making it literally darker,for nepharious purposes(cern)it is against the one true and righteous God in heaven,its killing all life & OUR planet,it must be abolished,LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!!
Feb 16th, 2017
SHIRLEY B. from Fallon, NV writes:
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Please stop the Chem trails!!! they are making me and my Family very sick... we have so many people sick,and dyeing from the Chem trails... it's also kills our trees, and plants,and dogs, and cats, I know that is the plan to kill us but its so wrong... PLEASE DC MAKE IT STOP!!! thank you
Feb 3rd, 2017
Someone from Barnegat, NJ writes:
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More and more people with breathing problems are filling the doctors offices through out the country. Here is a good site to read about chemtrails. The free loaders at the Sierra Club should be shut down. Look up Dane Wigington at YouTube.
Feb 3rd, 2017
Kathy Jo W. from Grants Pass, OR signed.