Stop fraud and judicial bias in family court

Currently, "justice" and financial awards go to the person who has the best attorney. Judicial bias, rampant fraud, perjury and unethical, unprofessional antics of attorneys are destroying the lives of men and women who are helpless victims of the broken family court system that leaves millions with no recourse after an unfounded and unjust court decision.

Needing approval from the ex-spouse and the court to reduce a support order after a change in circumstance, (most people cannot afford an attorney to handle this) many are unable to modify a support order no matter how unfair and unsubstantiated the original order was. Judges are permitted to impute income and make orders by simply saying "I think you make more." without ever reviewing factual income documentation.

There is no agency to assist when child support agencies abuse debtors and ignore laws regarding license suspensions and refusing to negotiate interest (in CA the interest is 10%) making it impossible for many to ever get out from under the debt while also harming their ability to work and earn a living to pay the debt.

Those who owe back child support are not eligible for government stimulus, grants or loans during a pandemic, this alone is cruel and shameful. Unemployment is attached and 25% goes to the ex-spouse, while the full child support payment is still due. How does our government expect people to work during a pandemic, let alone pay child support?

There are many more flaws in this law and I am not interested in helping "deadbeats" avoid paying support. I am interested in helping the men and women who are truly victims of this broken system that systematically, victimizes and extorts the poor with no chance and no hope of ever being free from it.

Family Court Reform NOW!

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