Stop Fossil Fuel Use

Crisis brought on by the dependence on fossil fuels.

I am writing to express deep concern about our dependence on fossil fuels.

Right now our planet is in a crisis brought on by the dependence on fossil fuels. This dependence needs to stop, especially since we already possess the technology to transform this antiquated setup. It is known by many, that long ago, our society obtained a number of critical inventions based on zero-point energy. These inventions created the foundation for an electrical system that can run our homes, offices, and factories, and power our vehicles that do not need constant fueling.

These inventions have been sequestered by the government and developed only within secret government projects. These technologies need to be made public as soon as possible, as they contain the solutions to our present difficulties.

We ask that these already-existing technological solutions be released. They can solve our economic and financial woes, and revive our dying manufacturing sectors, giving a huge boost toward ending the current global financial meltdown.

Thank you for your immediate attention on this critical decision.


We, the undersigned,