Stop the evil in the court moats and tichenor

I have read every one of these complaints against judge motes and Terry titchner and they are all almost identical to my situation these are the most hurtful people for families that I've ever seen They illegally removed my son from my custody because he was being choked at school by a racist teacher and I sent the cops there to investigate they're too investigate now my grandchildren are being attacked and have been put in an abusive home for the 2nd time when the abuse was well documented and known to the courts this was done on purpose I believe these people are trying deliberately as hard as they can to destroy families. My 3 grandsons are being split up in the Foster care system even though they have many many places to go within the family that are safe and appropriate appropriate the judge and Terry tichner purposefully chose the email narrow purposefully choose the most hurtful harmful situations for children they are pure evil and must go. They have been allowed to torture my family unmercifully my son and all of my grandchildren included and I am filing a federal lawsuit. Enough is enough I see enough petitions on here that something should be done by now and these 2 need to be thrown into jail where they belong never return to any human interaction or contact again. All of the removals and placements done under this court have been completely illegal and no one has done anything to correct this hate crime. There are also a number of conspiracies involved and this is the most inappropriate immature unprofessional court I have ever seen.