Stop electronic torture

I'm writing this to hopefully get the attention of what is the cause of the worldwide chaos.
Electronic torture also known as mk ultra, voice to skull ,targeted individuals , and is the cause of the wars.
I believe in the phrase of we the people , and to protect the ones who live here.
Experiments to destroy the people who have drug problems or mental health issues and or anyone for example is the crisis here. It is able to create illness and physical harm to anyone.
How is that human?
Why is this being done? I know that it's the cause of sick pedophile actions that are becoming worse and the messed up part about that, is that is the mentality of the person operating this experiment.
Good reason to why they themselves would think that way.
I'm hoping someone who has compassion and cares about people like politicians are in office to do, then you will take a serious look into it and help fix it. The Bible states of glory and being a good person. This experiment is making people lose including yourself reading ing this. It affects your mind as well.
No one deserves to be torchured by this. It's destroyed so many ,and is the leading cause of suicides and violence.
I've studied and researched the full chain reaction and it plays a role in everything that is living.
This doesn't help people is harming innocent people. And what's sad is, the people in power know about this and is secretly allowing this to happen. This is causing issues with national security , because it's other affect is of remote viewing and telephany. I've researched plenty on this subject, trying to understand the entire process and situation because I see the pattern and outcomes. Illnesses and suicides violence and drug addiction.
Those are also included from this. It's not right and takes away our right to have peace of mind or a mind of our own. We the people ......
One nation under God,
Standing up for the stars and stripes in fighting a war on terrorism.
Keeping our people safe.
Those are what we are supposed to stand for.
Give us back the our lives , and stop this direct electronic torture.
For the purpose of helping and saving your country and people whom made it possible for even you to stand in that position.
This is a serious cause and affect, and I can't be silent and allow more and more innocent people to be harmed. Someone needs to speak for the ones whom aren't able due to the result of this weapon.