Stop Double Standard

There is a continuous blatant double standard in Congressional Democratic Leadership that has to be removed. It is dividing the very core of our legislature every day. Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerrold Nadler, Chuck Schumer, and the likes who make up a team whose mission is to divide the House, the Senate, and the country. Every action a Republican makes with their eyes specifically on President Trump is to have another investigation without any vote in the House to take such action. Is that all we the people are paying them for is to create another investigation for their own political gain and slow down the very function of our legislature? Yet, when Joe Biden sex assault allegations arise to turn blind eyes and deaf ears only because he is the democratic candidate for President. Nancy says she believes Joe and that's good enough. How long are we going to allow Pelosi to be dictator of the House? I can't believe that the majority of Democrats in the House and the Senate would just sit and tolerate such blatant actions. The Democratic butcher Republicans like Kavanaugh and the way back to teenage life, yet for Biden in his mid 30's its fine. We need no investigation before we attempt to elect him President. I call on the people to sign this petition and wake up our elected legislators to remove these corrupt people from office who are tearing our country apart. We are the UNITED States of America, let's demand our legislators return our Government to that by removing these dividers and replacing them good and moral people.
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