Stop DHS corruption

My kids were taken into dhs custody. Because my house wasn't clean ( first day, mom lived there before and literally just moved in) my neighbor a well knwon schizophrenic woman. We were taking a nap my 3 year old was beside me and my 1 yr old was in his play pen. I wake up to my husband asking why my neighbor had my 1 year old on her couch naked. This was around 630. She had called 911 because she had gave my kids baths and he had soap in hes eyes. He wasn't acting himself. The police arrest me. Take pictures of my kitchen and living room only, where i clothes and a few boxes in there. If they would have went further the rooms and bathroom were cleaned. I made a video. They then drug test me and my husband and i failed and so did he. Charge me with neglect. I bond out, and call to report my neighbor they refused me and said I could not to have my husband call, he then calls and they lie to him and they he couldn't do anything and my boys had cuts on there legs. I immediately call dhs and ask about that, dhs stated they did not " perfect condition" to be exact. Since then June 4th 2020 we've done everything they asked. And passed every drug test even moved so my kids wouldn't have to ever see that woman again. And yet dhs still has ny children. Haven't seen the caseworker in a month. The woman that does our visits changes the times and days constantly cant remember who shes talking to, and arrives late all the time. Since this has begun my 3 yr old the had been potting trained for the last year is wetting hes self and crys to be home everytime we have to seperate. My one year turned 1 in a dhs office, they cut hes hair right after i asked them not to. My children our being traumatized by this. Its a fact that between 12-18 months baby's have separation anxiety. My 3 year old thinks we leave him when we go. We're good people and better parents. I need my boys home now not November at the next court day. Our recent visits my 1 year old has had dried blood in he's nose from a bloody nose, ny son has had rashes and bruises on him. I clip there nails and clean there ears. This is un lawful and i deserve to have my kids m, better yet my kids deserve to have there mom and dad that love them and know what they want or wants to ride there bike with daddy. Please help them get home. Lincoln is my 1yr old and kadyn is my rainbow baby hes 3. My first actually passed from SIDS at 3 months old he would have been 6 this year. I take parenting and being a mom serious. I should have locked my door. Not to mention, all the covid 19, so dhs is placing my children in danger.
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