Stop Deportation of Undocumented Immigrants

Deportation separates children from their parents

Deportation not only separates families and causes unnecessary break up of the family. It also affects the economy of the United States because it is usually immigrants who support the working class economy by doing jobs that are underpaid, workers put long hours of work such as dishwashers and cooks in restaurants, delivery boys in delis and construction workers. Deportation also affects those children who were born in the United States because when their parents are deported they have to go back to their parent?s native country or being left at the mercy of the court system. When they go back to the parents? country, the children have to attend new schools, adapt to a new way of living, and leave behind friends, family. Moreover, they may not have the opportunities that they could have here in the US.

Being a son of immigrants I can relate closely to this issue. I have the fortune of having parents that had the opportunity to legalize their status here in the United States, but I also have friends and family who are at risk of being deported and it breaks my heart to think that one of my family members could be deported. I also have many friends who are worried that their parents can be taken from them at any time.