Thousands of people in agony are increasingly being denied effective pain relief by doctors afraid of losing their licenses to DEA persecution - for the crime of trying to help people in pain. A vital first step in correcting this atrocity must be the withdrawal and rewriting of 2016 CDC guidelines on prescription of opioid analgesics to adults with chronic non-cancer pain. These guidelines are widely known to be biased against opioids, poorly supported by science, based on cherry-picked evidence that violates research standards of the CDC itself, and dangerously incomplete with regard to natural genetic variations in opioid metabolism between individuals. Because of misapplication of CDC Guidelines = 22 Veterans a day commit suicide from debilitating pain - Legitimate pain patients are abandoned and left bed ridden to die of their incurable diseases. This is what America has come to - the killing off and genocide of their disabled people! With The National Association of Attorneys General recently declared that the dose and duration of opioid prescriptions should not be decided by doctors and that the CDC guideline should essentially be treated as law.
“The guidelines have been misapplied so widely that it will be a challenge to undo the damage. Despite ample evidence that America’s so-called “opioid epidemic” is caused by street drugs (some of them diverted prescription drugs) rather than by prescriptions made by doctors to chronic pain patients, CDC has continued to double-down on its errors. They have thus far refused even to consider withdrawing the guidelines for a major and very needed rewrite. Where prescription has been suppressed by government restriction, overdose rates are climbing as patients are forced into unsafe street markets or suicide.

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