My name is Jamie Boyd , I live in Ruth,Mississippi. I have 5 children and CPS , DCFS HAS DONE ILLEGALLY KIDNAPPED MY CHILDREN . THEY HAVE DONE VIOLATED MY CIVIL RIGHTS AND MY CHILDREN RIGHTS. DCFS OF WALTHALL COUNTY MISSISSIPPI HAS SUPPOSEDLY HAD A CASE OPEN FOR 5 months now AND I WAS NEVER CONTACTED ABOUT MY CHILDREN UNTIL I RECEIVED A LETTER IN THE MAIL THAT WAS DATED JULY 14,2022 to BE IN COURT ON SEPTEMBER 22,2022 . DCFS HAS NEVER CONTACTED ME MY MOTHER HAS CUSTODY OF MY 2 children THAT IS INVOLVED WITH DCFS NOW I GET A PHONE CALL FROM DAD A FEW DAYS AGO SAYING THAT HE JUST FOUND OUT THAT DCFS HAS DONE SENT MY SON TO A HOSPITAL FOR 3-6months and now there trying to send my daughter off . I was never contacted and I’m the biological mother of my children they have a policy there suppose to abide by and they have not abided by there policy or the Mississippi laws and that is not right at all . I’m asking I’m begging for some one to help me I’m so scared for my children they don’t deserve this please help bring my children home to me .