Stop Criminalizing Virgin Marriage

Extending Childhood Causes Hysteria

In all cultures from time immemorial until the The Progressive Era a girl became a young woman at the start of menses when she came of child-bearing age. The Progressive Era practice of extending childhood through young adult years (teen/adolescence) has resulted in a misconception of what a child is and interfered with normal marriage practices. This change often leads to a hysteria about crimes against children when there are no crimes or children involved, only loving marriage.

Marriage is never rape, marriage it good, it is a command from God for men and virginity is a virtue that Progressive changes have diminished greatly. Men have a God given right to marry and certain secular segments should not have the place to restrict or deny Americans their right to choose to follow their bible and marry young women in a Patriarchal tradition.

Marriage is not a crime. Men need release from marriage prohibitions of this sort and protection from this continually growing Progressive hysteria that targets them.