Stop CPS in Riverside County,CA., from destroying families,by ripping them apart. please !!!!

Help us stop CPS in Riverside County ,CA. from destroying families , please !!!!

CPS is taking children and destroying family's when CPS is suppose to put family's back together and all the fake calls to CPS, This needs to stop. CPS needs different book rules cause of people getting mad at one another and calling CPS on one another and this hurts the children  more than anyone else. One family has been dealing with CPS for over a year cause CPS writes down what they want instead of getting the true facts, CPS is out to make there quota and this is hurting family's. This one family has done everything that CPS ask and told them to do and CPS still has their children, this should be against the LAW. CPS has placed these kids with the family that supposedly did a crime against one of the children, and the workers for CPS need to be checked out more cause CPS writes down more lies on there papers than anyone. My daughter does no drugs and never has, and CPS still accuses her of it and she has past all of CPS drug tests AND done everything they have ask and CPS still have her children. FREE INNOCENT CHILDREN AND THEIR INNOCENT FAMILIES 
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