Stop CPS from turning our children into money bags!

In the 2018 fiscal year CPS in Texas alone made almost four billion dollars in profit for removing children from innocent loving and protective parents! My husband and I were involved in this raid in April of 2017! Our daughters have been placed with the very people who accused my husband and I, Our daughters are now being told their mommy is dead. They have been separated from us for two years! My husband and I were denied visitation even when we still had our parental rights! In 2018 by lying in court CPS was able to convince a prejudice jury to terminate our parental rights on the assumption that I was not able to take care of my infant son and my four daughters. The people who falsely accused my husband and I make almost $2,000. per month and get government assistance. They also have my baby girl which they requested to adopt before all the allegations came into play! I will be informing other parents here in Amarillo about this website. This is an SOS for any leader of the United States who will hear the families out cries for help! I believe my husband and I were targets due to the fact that we were called threats to our children in court because of our military background. Also my husband has been diagnosed with PTSD and because of that issue CPS said he was dangerous! My husband and I have NEVER harmed our daughters!