Stop the CPS from taking my perintol rights

The CPS in Merced California are doing so much fraud they're taking innocent kids away from their mother and the father I'm the mother of three and they took they possibly accuse me of accusations and then they take them give them to their dad and then he ends up beating on them and then he takes him and give them back to me and my mom and then he calls the Fresno Police department and says my son said to my daughter well they stated that it was wrong and founded and they still got it on the case they didn't clear the case they didn't clear me they need to clear me because I'm innocent and my kids are innocent they don't need to go through all this and then they kidnapped my but they took my baby from the hospital since my baby's dirty and I was dirty of meth and we but the baby wasn't with weed that's a lie because automatically the baby has to be tested for both and there was no testing there so they took my other baby see all this is fraud and you know it is everybody knows so we need somebody like you to help us thare are so minn so many there's so many mothers out there that is robbed from there being a mother by their kids being taken away from the CPS for lies