Stop CPS from taking children away from parents who are innocent

I have been targeted from the moment my son was born. My past is my past and I went to a program had my son and followed through with everything I was needed to do...The sherrifs office called because my fiancee looked like he VC was high. CPS came out and drug screened us both and we were negitive and they were closing our case. Th err y lied about a paper saying if I wanted grief counseling for my mom who passed away and I s as I'd yes I can always learn more. I signed voluntary services paper which I did not know was a case plan without court. I did not want that. Were not using drugs and my son was taken when they forced themselves over to my home. I cancelled the voluntary services and it did not they came anyways. They took my son and we'r ouldnt even give him ty I his father when he passed a drug screen observed!
They lied and now they want to terminate our rights we hen we did nothing wrong. The girl who did this got a promotion t we o weeks after taking my son from us. We go to trial feb we 0th with lawyers who won tg call us back . I see him f ou r a hr a week and no more even though I asked to see him more.

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