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Have you ever had to look into the eyes of a child that is crying and wants protection from abuse, and then had to tell them that you can?t because the court didn't believe you? Then watch your tearful eyed child walk out your door and into the hands of their abuser. If you answered no, then you have been spared the fastest growing injustice we have ever been faced with in California. Yes, we have financial problems, health care problems, housing problems, but those are all replaceable commodities, BUT our children are not. Why are they put on the back burner, and why are their cries for help going unheard by the courts?
The California Family Courts are abusing children in alarming numbers. Children that have been abused and or neglected by a parent, are being forced to continue to have unmonitored visitation, or worse, live with the abusive parent. Family Courts are battering protective parents to such an alarming rate, with allowing the trendy catch phrase ?Parental Alienation? or other sugar coated wording that means the same, as a defense for the abusive parent and their attorney?s. Parental Alienation is not a real syndrome, and has never been recognized as one, however the courts are allowing abusive parents to use this as a defense in a custody case, where a child has been abused or made allegations of abuse. The protective parent has sought help within the court, to protect their children from further abuses, yet are met with a horrifying outcome. Protective parents are turned into the abusers of parental alienation, with no chance to prove they are innocent, while the abuse or neglect allegations are forgotten. This is a growing pandemic in the California Family Courts, who are by far the most financially driven courts of the country. Our children?s futures are bleak, when they can?t find anyone to protect them from being abused and or neglected. Protective parents, mostly mothers have become the target. We need immediate reform as our pleas have fallen on deaf ears far too long. Children finally find the strength to stand up and say, ?Help me,? but then are re-offended by the courts. This is beyond unacceptable, and we need it to stop today. No more court appointed minors counsels, therapists, monitors, evaluators. All with whom seem to be driven by financial gain. Commissioners and Judges are also gaining financial security by allowing the corruption to continue. Cases involving abuse and or neglect allegations should be heard in criminal court. Force the abusers to defend themselves, not the victims.
Our children are the future, and we need a change to make sure that their futures are bright, and that they want to live to see tomorrow. Clear cut laws need to be put into place, whereas attorneys and judges can?t manipulate the system to benefit financially. ?Guidelines? have been written, yet they are not enforced because they are not laws. Complaints have been filed with the California Bar Association, yet no violations are ever found. We need an audit into the systems who are denying complaints against the courts, and the court appointed entities, attorneys, psychologists, evaluators, and monitors.
Do not allow the abuse to continue. If you or anyone you know, has been victimized by the courts after attempting to protect a child from abuse and or neglect, please sign this petition. Our children are counting on you.

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Jul 20th, 2017
Jake and chasity M. from Waseca, MN writes:
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Here in MN we are sickened that a county judge has ordered for my son to go back to his abusive mother and boyfriend. We have had him for 6 months with mom only allowed 2 supervised visits a week. This abuse has caused major mental health issues for my son. She is just throwing him back to the wolves without seeing any of the evidence of how severe the abuse was. SHAME SHAME SHAME. When something happens to these kids its ON THEIR SHOULDERS!!! Something needs to be done. These children are being FAILED!
Jul 15th, 2017
Tonya L. from Lodi, CA signed.
Jul 12th, 2017
Someone from Eureka, CA writes:
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Jun 30th, 2017
Mikie L. from Bunkie, LA writes:
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This is happening everyday in Louisiana ..... the court system that is set up to protect innocent women and children are destroying families for profit ..... abusers use custody as a means to abuse their victims and judges are allowing it :.... if the price is right ...... I've seen hundreds of these cases in Louisiana :.. please stop this
Jun 29th, 2017
Someone from Abingdon, MD writes:
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I have done everything legally in the state of MD! I never once in the beginning had to look up what to do or how to do! When this all started, I knew this is not going to be some destructive life my child is going to live. I filed 2 hours after my ex-husband put his hands on me, and did this in front of my 2 yr. old! Did I know at that time he would abuse his own son also? Heck no I didn't! I've been filling for modifications, son in therapy since he was 4, documented all these years, took pictures, got my son a cell, CPS was contacted by my sons therapists, she even testified in court in behalf of my son, & the Judge striked it from the record. Son had a BIA & guess what the whole time she was practicing law with my ex husband lawyer and the Judge knew it! She never did any investigation whatsoever! Criminal Government Organization in Harford County MD! I've been stalked, harassed, controlled, threatened, and my son for 7 years now, with no protection! Can't get anything granted! I Will Protect my children!
May 18th, 2017
Someone from Amanda Park, WA writes:
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I pulled my 15 year olf daughter out of a lady 3 times her age. Who was giving her meth..I am the one being punished and my kids have been taken. Thank God my daughter is Graduating from treatment. The woman's name is Mary Jo McCroskey. She also is bragging about selling other girls for drugs.. She must be stopped.
May 14th, 2017
Someone from Las Vegas, NV writes:
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Total insanity. My child told on his father of the abuse he suffers which only makes it worse for him. Over the past 3 years he has told CPS, 3 therapists, his school counselor, the police, and medical doctors. Most recently, he suffered a concussion on 4/24/17 when his father took a swing at him and my son moved out of the way hitting his head. But because his father did not actually make physical contact (this time) it is put on the back burner. The ER and police called CPS, but they were too busy to even answer the call. So, we wait for another court date, while my son goes back with his abuser. His father was ordered to go to counseling, but who knows if he even goes. Yes, I am also accused of "parental alienation," but that was determined unfounded by the court appointed evaluator. You can bet the opposing counsel still shouts it from the roof tops. My son is literally the "poster child" of a failed system that continues to make money off the abuse of children. I was able to get a protection order for myself, but not my child. Does that make any sense at all? I do have an attorney, but I can only afford so much after paying for the therapist, coordinators, evaluators, not to mention the time to take off of work....
May 3rd, 2017
Someone from Honokaa, HI writes:
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In Hawai'i this happens constantly. Abusive and neglectful parents have more rights than children. I have not once witnessed CPS actually protect a child in need EVER. Yet they harass the parents who are great. They NEVER believe the victim or the person helping them. I even have it in writing FROM CPS stating " mother said she did hit the children with a belt one time" then goes on to say there was no evidence to support childrens claims as mother said she won't do it again". And worse yet was that we had a Paraprofessional, home therapist, 2 psychiatrists, and a case manager from department of health all testified FOR the children. still she is given more and more chances. and it gets worse, both children are disabled..... So beyond wrong
Apr 29th, 2017
Someone from Fresno, CA writes:
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My ex failed 2 court ordered drug tests while he took me to court for 50% custody of our daughter... the judge was his sisters landlord and former boss. His attorney was still her boss. He gained the 50% custody and since then my daughter has gone from straight A to failing all classes. She cuts herself and now wears all black. He has called cps on me 4 times and tried to have me put on 72 hr hold. Only thing that saved me was being calm and never doing anything wrong. He has convictions for DV DUI and drugs AND willful cruelty to a child conviction yet they gave him 50% custody. I work and barely get by. I'm trying to save my daughter... please can someone help? They say court wants psych eval but I have to pay $2500 cash upfront plus $6000 for retainer for atty. I can't so trying to do by myself. My ex won't coparenting... blocks me from taking her to counseling. . Doesnt pay cs on time... has od on norco and yet I am the one defending myself from made up accusations. Besides now my daughter is very protective of him. He has her taking care of him. He has has free nice home available to him via his dad but takes my daughter to hotel when he has her... I need to save her.
Apr 26th, 2017
Liane G. from Cedar Park, TX writes:
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I have a 3 1/2 year old great granddaughter that is being sexually molested by her paternal grandparents and her Father.. and it is Court order visitation. My Granddaughter is caught between to laws.. She's court order to take the child to visits with the grandparents that molest her. The child has made out cries to her mother side of the family including myself CPS does nothing but threaten to take her away from her mother. The seconed Law is... She can not put a child in harms way or she's accountable for child endangerment. This is why court order sexual abuse happens. THE CHILD HAS RIGHTS.. who is protecting her.
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