Don't let another child's cry for protection go unheard

Have you ever had to look into the eyes of a child that is crying and wants protection from abuse, and then had to tell them that you can?t because the court didn't believe you? Then watch your tearful eyed child walk out your door and into the hands of their abuser. If you answered no, then you have been spared the fastest growing injustice we have ever been faced with in California. Yes, we have financial problems, health care problems, housing problems, but those are all replaceable commodities, BUT our children are not. Why are they put on the back burner, and why are their cries for help going unheard by the courts?

The California Family Courts are abusing children in alarming numbers. Children that have been abused and or neglected by a parent, are being forced to continue to have unmonitored visitation, or worse, live with the abusive parent. Family Courts are battering protective parents to such an alarming rate, with allowing the trendy catch phrase ?Parental Alienation? or other sugar coated wording that means the same, as a defense for the abusive parent and their attorney?s. Parental Alienation is not a real syndrome, and has never been recognized as one, however the courts are allowing abusive parents to use this as a defense in a custody case, where a child has been abused or made allegations of abuse. The protective parent has sought help within the court, to protect their children from further abuses, yet are met with a horrifying outcome. Protective parents are turned into the abusers of parental alienation, with no chance to prove they are innocent, while the abuse or neglect allegations are forgotten. This is a growing pandemic in the California Family Courts, who are by far the most financially driven courts of the country. Our children?s futures are bleak, when they can?t find anyone to protect them from being abused and or neglected. Protective parents, mostly mothers have become the target. We need immediate reform as our pleas have fallen on deaf ears far too long. Children finally find the strength to stand up and say, ?Help me,? but then are re-offended by the courts. This is beyond unacceptable, and we need it to stop today. No more court appointed minors counsels, therapists, monitors, evaluators. All with whom seem to be driven by financial gain. Commissioners and Judges are also gaining financial security by allowing the corruption to continue. Cases involving abuse and or neglect allegations should be heard in criminal court. Force the abusers to defend themselves, not the victims.

Our children are the future, and we need a change to make sure that their futures are bright, and that they want to live to see tomorrow. Clear cut laws need to be put into place, whereas attorneys and judges can?t manipulate the system to benefit financially. ?Guidelines? have been written, yet they are not enforced because they are not laws. Complaints have been filed with the California Bar Association, yet no violations are ever found. We need an audit into the systems who are denying complaints against the courts, and the court appointed entities, attorneys, psychologists, evaluators, and monitors.

Do not allow the abuse to continue. If you or anyone you know, has been victimized by the courts after attempting to protect a child from abuse and or neglect, please sign this petition. Our children are counting on you.